Top 100 List Of Make Money at Home Blogs

I recently found a list of Top 100 money-making blogs online and the list is somewhat interesting. You've likely heard of some of these blogs. If you are a freelancer working from home then some of them are essential reading. I highly recommend that you subscribe to their news feeds. Take a look at the Top 10 on the list: ProBlogger (essential reading, especially if you blog) John Chow (good to read for … [Read more...]

Online Reputation Management: A Necessary Evil

The Internet has spawned a whole new profession. It's called online reputation management. Even if you don't do business online, have a website, or have an e-mail account, you still need to think about your online reputation. Consider this: Anyone can go online at any time and post a negative comment about you on a blog or message forum and if you have no other information about you online that's what … [Read more...]

Partnerships and Joint Ventures Are Good For Business

I'm a big believer in joint ventures and partnerships. The best thing to have happened to my online business, in fact, was a partnership agreement. It led to more income, more work, and more satisfaction. As a freelancer, many times we'd rather go it alone. It's that old self-reliance, independence forever mindset. I have it. I think we all have it. That's why we're in business for ourselves. Truth is, as … [Read more...]

Simple Time Management Tools Are Best

Over the years I've come into contact with various and sundry time management tools. I used the Covey system, a host of day timers, and even tried inventing my own tools. I finally gave up on time management because I didn't want to put my life in a box. I figured if I ran out of time to do all the things I wanted to do on a certain day then I'd just pick up again the next day. I finally just started making … [Read more...]

Using Established Brands To Promote One’s Own Brand: Leviathan?

Nick Stamoulis has been getting a lot of attention online lately. It's not all good and that's good. Nick is an Internet marketer. An effective one it seems. He uses pay-per-click ads to market his services and attract new clients. The problem is, he buys clicks for recognized brand names so that he'll appear on the SERPs (search engine results pages) of those companies. In other words, type in "Bruce Clay," … [Read more...]

Online Business Marketing Is Much Like Marketing Offline

There was a time when if you went into business for yourself you bought some business cards, put out a sign, and walked door-to-door to meet your neighbors, invite them over for a cup of coffee and ask them to send their friends over to see you. You were in business. Today, it's not so easy. While the principles haven't changed much, the tools used to act on them have. New businesses still must attract … [Read more...]

Blogging Opportunity For Bling Princess

Here's a freelance work opportunity for work-at-home bloggers: SEO Service Provider offers blogging services for commercial clients and is seeking a blogger for a long-term assignment. Pay is $100/month. Present the proper qualifications and start immediately. The ideal candidate should Be female, 18-30 years old, or able to relate to this target market Love bling bling Enjoy keeping up with the … [Read more...]

A Recipe For Quitting The Day Job And Working At Home

Work at home doesn't mean what it used to. Back in the olden days (yep, even older than me) there was this thing called the cottage industry. I won't bore you with definitions, but suffice it to say that it has nothing to do with cottage cheese - unless, of course, you be making the cottage cheese in your back yard. The Cottage Industry You see, the cottage industry has a long and rich history. It's all about … [Read more...]