Transitioning From Freelance Writer to Author

Go on. Admit it. You might be a freelance writer for now, but you've dreamed of being an author, yes? Some of you might even be authors already, but for those of you who are not, there are ways to transition into being an author. Being an author has its own rewards but not always necessarily monetary. However, with the demand for premium content online, there are opportunities for those of you that can … [Read more...]

The Packaged Freelance Writer: 6 Non-Text Forms of Content to Offer Clients

Imagine for a second how much more marketable you would be if your freelance services covered more than just what you're doing now - be that writing, design, coding, or what have you. Are you thinking about it? I'm not talking about trying to be/do everything, just extending your offering to include images, audio and video content. This is especially targeted at freelance writers, though there's no reason … [Read more...]

Promote Your Freelance Services With A Podcast/Vodcast

Do you want to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in a niche? An excellent way to promote your skills as a freelancer is to create and publish a regular podcast about a select topic. By regular, I mean on either a daily, weekly or monthly schedule and sticking with it. This podcast would appear on your professional website, where you promote your services. If it's done well and is informative, it … [Read more...]

Applying The Principles Of Kaizen And Bootstrapping To Build Your Freelance Skills

Many of us freelancers are content creators, whether in terms of written content, design, or coding. What if you've had enough with current freelance gigs and want to move in a different direction with your skills? Not factoring in change can be a quick path to freelance burnout. For example, the NY Times recently had an article about making money as a casual web video producer. Whether that's what you want … [Read more...]

Jump-Starting Freelancing Productivity: 9 Reasons Why and 5 Reasons How Working Smarter Works

Do you go through long periods of poor work productivity? Here's a simple "time hack"... Have you considered spending less time per project, to force yourself to complete the work sooner and more efficiently? If you're in a salaried job and still contemplating freelancing, you may or may not have motivation to work harder. However, if you're a 100% freelancer, your monthly income relies directly on how much … [Read more...]