Never Miss an Important Email : 100 AwayFind Invites

We have been trying hard to find tools that are useful to freelancers. Some of these tools can be extremely important. A tool that keeps you informed about urgent email messages is certainly one that can't be ignored. AwayFind is a powerful web application that finds your most important emails. When you receive an urgent message, AwayFind will notify you with a call, SMS, IM, DM (Twitter), or delegate the … [Read more...]

Why Every Freelancer Should Have a Personal Project

As a freelancer, we are always looking for clients. Whether we are in freelancing for the joy and freedom of it, or to earn more than what we were being offered at our day job, a freelancer can't always get by on the expectation of getting more clients. If you want to succeed in the long run there has to be a back up plan--a plan that kicks in when all else fails. Whether it's a personal blog that earns … [Read more...]

The 20 Best Productivity and Personal Development Blogs

One of the things that many freelancers struggle with is that we find it hard to manage time. No matter how much we wish there were more hours in a day, the fact is that a day is only going to consist of 24 hours. If we can't straighten our priorities, our productivity level and creativity isn't going through shine through our work. Having said good bye to 2009, it's time to take control of our career and … [Read more...]

10 Ways Freelancing Has Changed in the Last Decade

Freelancing has been around since Sir Walter Scott coined the term in Ivanhoe—but the lances of medieval mercenaries have long since given way to pens, paintbrushes, and whatever creative tools of the trade we can wield. As much as freelancing has changed over the centuries, the changes have been many and major over just the past ten years. Here are ten ways the industry has shifted since Y2K came and went, … [Read more...]

Calling All Freelancers – Snap a Picture, Share Your Office

Every once in a while I look at my home office and wonder how others have set their offices up. After all, we freelancers enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere we want. Whether it's from the basement, a gorgeous home office, a crowd filled coffee house or at the beach, we all have a unique setup that works perfectly for us. It might be messy, but as long as we can get our work done, the mess is ours and … [Read more...]

Five Ways to Better Engage Readers on Your Blog

Most freelancers would agree on the value of building a strong network through blogging. Besides providing value through content, blogging is also very valuable by providing community. A strong network isn't possible without interaction. You can write the most compelling article each time, but if it doesn't spark conversation, your blog isn't going to cut it as a networking platform. In this article, we … [Read more...]

15 Sites for Learning and Mastering SEO

We recently compiled a list of some of the best social media blogs on the web. Although maintaining healthy relationships and building a strong network on the web is crucial, search engine placement certainly can't be ignored either. We all know the impact of search engines on our daily traffic. It can be a make or break deal. With Google covering the most ground on search engine space and Bing slowly trying … [Read more...]

How to Monitor Your Brand on Social Media

Did you know that people are talking about your freelance business? It's true. The evolving technologies and transformation of web as a social tool means that people everywhere are talking, and it is critical for you to listen to what they are saying about your business. The methods we'll show you for tracking your business on social media are pretty simple, but they can provide a lot of insight as to how … [Read more...]

25 Blogs To Help You Stay Current With Social Media

Most of us agree that social media is valuable -- but keeping up with the latest trends can be difficult given the speed at which social media is growing and changing. The big sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are easy to folllow, but there are many others that often get ignored such as Docstoc, Scribd, Slideshare. With all the different platforms, it's hard to be able to keep up with everything that … [Read more...]

The Facebook Fan Page Recipe — 0 to 1000 Fans In 35 Days

If you are a regular Freelance Folder reader, then you already know we recently created a Facebook fan page for Freelance Folder. Our fan page has been live since October 6th, 2009 — and on November 10th, about 35 days later, we reached the one thousand fan milestone. In this post we'll show you how we did it (and how you can do it too). Before I share some of the things we did to grow the fan page at such a … [Read more...]