Your Clients: Dealing With Drivers And Passengers

A recent web design client of mine made a statement that really stuck with me. The project is just now starting up, and (about a previous designer they worked with) they said: With our old designer, we were really the ones telling him what to do. And that's no good, because we don't know anything. We need someone who is going to tell us what to do. Needless to say, I smiled because that's exactly what I do. … [Read more...]

The Next Generation of Job Descriptions

I'm a firm believer that the web is setting some serious standards for the way business operates and the way it is going to progress in the coming years. As I'm experiencing the management and ownership of my own business (Aspiring Indie), I can't help but wonder about what the next generation's work environment is going to be like. For one thing, I don't believe we're going to have many high ranking … [Read more...]