The Freelancer’s iPhone

Freelancers can never totally disconnect. We’ve got to be around for client emergencies, constantly keep up on social networking and email, and get some work done while away from the computer. There’s no better portable tool for handling all these things than my beloved iPhone. I would sooner leave the house without pants than without my iPhone, and it's become one of the most important tools in my arsenal … [Read more...]

How to Plan for a Long Vacation from Your Freelancing Business

My last post was about taking a spur-of-the moment vacation where working was still a necessity. Most of the time, however, with a little proper planning you can actually take an extended break and enjoy a vacation without having to worry about the work back home. For example, my wife and I will soon be taking a six-week European vacation as a second honeymoon. My goal on this trip is to enjoy my time … [Read more...]

Freelancer Road Trip: Essential Supplies

One of my freelancing resolutions is the separation of work time and vacation time. I know this is one of my problem areas, but I do feel the need to work on a pretty constant basis in order to hit client deadlines. When the opportunity came up to head on a 15-hour road trip to the beach, I took it… with the caveat that I'd be working on the trip down and sporadically while at the beach. I loaded up my bag … [Read more...]

Pros and Cons of a Public Price List

As freelancers, we can be very flexible on pricing. We can charge by the project, charge by the hour, increase our rates for rush jobs, decrease them for charities or work completely for free for our friends and family if we choose. However, some freelancers instead choose to publicly disclose their prices on their website or brochures, eliminating some of the flexibility they may have on pricing. There are … [Read more...]

Why I Failed at Freelancing

This time around, I have been a pretty successful freelancer if I do say so myself. My bills stay paid, my clients are happy and I've never been happier in a career. Unfortunately, my first attempt at freelancing left me unhappy, in debt and desperate. I took several full-time jobs between my last attempt at freelancing and this one to teach me some valuable lessons and make my way out of debt. I made … [Read more...]

Staying Sane While Freelancing With a Loved One

Two years ago, I was the full-time web guy at a conservative insurance company. My wife could see my frustrations there and encouraged me to quit and pursue a freelance career. She suggested that we could use her income as our base if things got really tight, financially. I've never been happier. However, during the last two years, I've seen her deal with the same frustrations in her current work situation … [Read more...]

How to Use Elance and Guru to Land That Client Every Time

I know that a lot of seasoned old professionals prefer not to use sites like Guru and Elance. Often the clients who post jobs there are bargain hunters. They're looking for the lowest price rather than the highest quality. If you're going to transition from the budget work into the higher quality jobs, you're eventually going to have to stop relying on job boards to get your work, but that doesn't mean … [Read more...]

From Budget to Quality: Transitioning to High-Dollar Jobs

Almost every freelancer starts out by taking "budget" projects to build their portfolio. Without a proven track record of happy customers and excellent pieces in your portfolio, it's difficult to track down the big, high-dollar jobs. Many freelancers get into a cycle of doing low-budget work, and then get stuck with a portfolio of low-budget work that only yields more low-budget clients. It can be difficult … [Read more...]

Freelance Overload: How To Deal With Too Much Work

As freelancers we often face the dilemma of “feast and famine,” alternating between having too little work and too much. Here at Freelance Folder we’ve even written articles on how to avoid the cycle as well as help with avoiding the famine completely, but there will also be times when you are overwhelmed with work and more projects just keep falling into your lap. Having too much work is a better problem to … [Read more...]