The Definitive Guide to Creating Your Own Freelancing A-Team

Do you remember the hit television series, "The A-Team"? Not the ridiculously over-the-top Hollywood movie. I'm referring to the original, campy TV show starring Mr. T. It was a great show about a team of elite military convicts who banded together to create an unstoppable force for good. Plus, they blew stuff up in every episode. In my last post titled 5 Reasons Every Freelancer Needs an Accountability Group … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Every Freelancer Needs An Accountability Group

A few months ago, I fell into one of those ruts that every freelancer eventually lands in. You know the one. Business is okay--it's neither up nor down. Your clients seem to dictate your schedule and "tyranny of the urgent" feels like your new business motto. These phases of your career are deceiving. As you sit there in your underwear putting out client fires, you think to yourself: "I'm busy, so what's … [Read more...]