Building A Perfect Website? Are You Too Perfectionist?

Most online entrepreneurs seem to think that each and every one of their projects needs to be perfect, that flaws are simply not acceptable and, of course, that they shouldn’t even think of launching a certain project until it can’t be considered the definition of perfection. Is that your case as well?

Why on Earth would you think that something man-made can be perfect? Sorry to burst your bubble there, but us humans are flawed by nature, that’s simply the way things stand.

More than a few online entrepreneurs think that every website they launch needs to be perfect, and, as a result, end up spending far more time than necessary on a project in order to deal with all sorts of minor details which no one but themselves will even notice.

Quality vs. Quantity

A lot of times, striving for perfection can prove to be quite a dangerous trap, one you shouldn’t fall for if you are serious about being productive. Let’s face it: wouldn’t the time you spend dealing with all sorts of minor details be better spent on something else? You need to always try your best in order to find a worthwhile quality vs. quantity ratio.

Let’s take an example and assume that you have a website which is currently earning you $100 per day and that you have the choice: you can either invest a certain number of hours into tweaking that project so that you end up earning $10 more each day or you can invest them into another project which will end up generating $100 worth of profits on a daily basis.

What would your choice be? Believe it or not, quite a few webmasters, for whatever reasons, end up choosing perfectionism.

You have to understand the value of your time as an online entrepreneur. Yes, you can spend one hour each day in order to tweak a certain project, but you always have to ask yourself: wouldn’t I be able to generate more income if I were to spend that hour on something else?

Who Will Notice?

Perfectionism can, and in most cases will end up keeping you from reaching your true potential and maximizing results, as a result of the fact that you spend a lot of time on certain tasks which are no longer worth it instead of investing it elsewhere. Again, in most cases people won’t even notice the changes you’ve implemented! Under such circumstances, is investing your time really worth it?

In this industry, trying to achieve perfection (like that would actually be possible) is not the way to go. If you actually think that you are able to create a perfect project then, my friend, I am afraid that you are living in denial. You can either choose to see the big picture and change your attitude accordingly, or you can continue living in that fantasy world of yours and wondering why you can never catch a break.

The choice is yours to make, what will it be?
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Best wishes,

Alan Johnson


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