Business Finance Posts – Top 100 From Bootstrapper

There are tons of articles on the net about financial planning, invoicing, getting paid, making money, funding, customer relationship, etc…

Well, someone had to put together a list of the best articles/posts (that’s worthy of a bookmark!), and that someone is Jessica Hupp from Bootstrapper, she compiled a list of the 100 best business finance posts.

And guess what? We’re on the list! :)

Yep, 2 of our posts are on this list, I’m pretty happy about this, so I thought I’d share it with you folks. Since we can all use more information, tips & tricks and tools to help make our business more profitable.

Here are the 2 articles that were included in the “100 Best Business Finance Posts” article on Bootstrapper:

Make sure you stop by Bootstrapper and read some of the articles listed, it’s definitely worth it. And thanks to Jessica for putting this list together.



  1. says

    Everyone always wants to keep track of their business’ income or money. However, it is so hard to trust the banks nowadays for their are robbers everywhere.

    It is always nice to keep of your business finance on your own. And I have found a lot of ways on how to that here.

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