By Popular Demand: The Unlimited Freelancer Affiliate Program

The Unlimited FreelancerWhen we launched The Unlimited Freelancer book a few weeks ago, we decided to create a small affiliate program that we could keep quiet and limit to a few websites.

Over the past few days, though, I’ve received nearly a dozen emails asking if we had an affiliate program, if we were going to create an affiliate program, and how people could sign up. Well, I’m caving in to the pressure, and we’re going to open the affiliate program to anyone who is interested.

There are a few guidelines, and some recommendations, but overall it’s a pretty simple process. If you loved the book, and you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, then you can visit the affiliate page to get more details about the program, how to sign-up, and some banners and images to help you promote the book.

[Click to Visit the Affiliate Page →]