Calling All Freelancers – Snap a Picture, Share Your Office

home-officeEvery once in a while I look at my home office and wonder how others have set their offices up. After all, we freelancers enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere we want.

Whether it’s from the basement, a gorgeous home office, a crowd filled coffee house or at the beach, we all have a unique setup that works perfectly for us. It might be messy, but as long as we can get our work done, the mess is ours and it doesn’t really affect anyone else. (By the way, that minimalist office above is not really my home office. More on that later…)

Anyway, the other day we asked our Facebook fan page members if they would like to share their home office with the rest of us. The response was positive. They were all up for it. So, here at Freelance Folder we decided to provide freelancers with the opportunity to share their workspace.

The What?

All we are asking is that you share your home office with us. Just take a picture and send it to us.

The How?

Through Twitter and Facebook, of course.

Sending via Twitter

If you are sending your home office image via Twitter, please tag it #freelancefolder. You don’t have to send an @ message to us. This way allows other freelancers to see your home office. Your message is not directed just towards us.

You can use any picture sharing platforms to get the picture to us. Some examples include: twitpic, yfrog, flickr, etc. It’s your choice. Just snap a picture and tweet it with the hashtag #freelancefolder.
home office image via twitter

Sending via Facebook

You probably want your Facebook friends to see your home office as well and not just the FreelanceFolder fan page members. For this reason, you can upload the image on your profile and just tag it @Freelancefolder in the box where you update.

Remember, Facebook doesn’t allow you to tag fan pages directly on an image as you would with people. For that reason you will have to tag us through your update.

You can update anything you want, just make sure you tag @freelancefolder so it shows on our fan page as well for other freelancers to see. The image below shows how to tag and upload on your profile:

Note: To be able to tag us, you have to be a member of our fan page. If you are a member type @Freelance. You should see a few options to choose from (just like in the image below). One of those options should be FreelanceFolder. Click on that option and you are good to go.

freelancers share their home office

To upload the image click on the image button under the update box.

upload image on facebook

If you wish, drop the link in the comments section. We are inviting you to show your home office not just to us, but to other freelancers on Facebook or Twitter who are your friends or are following you. Help us by sharing your home office with the rest of us. It would be fun to see how other freelancers have it set up.

To get this started I will post my home office image right here on this post. You can see that it’s messy and cluttered. (I didn’t even move the¬†Hoover resting against the wall!) However, I don’t care because it works for me. I just wanted to share my little space with you. So, if your home office is messy, cluttered, don’t clean it up…just snap a picture and send it over.

Ritu's home office

Next week we will compile all the images and post them right here on Freelance Folder. It will be fun to see other freelancers’ office setups and home offices.

Your Turn

I’ve shared mine, now it’s your turn. Go ahead, share your home office.

Top image by mkosut