7 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Freelancing Income Daily

How much did you earn today? Can you even answer that question? Many freelancers cannot. They look at their income from time to time, but unless they've actually received a check that day they can't answer the question without digging into their accounting records. How much you earn as a freelancer is very important. It can determine whether you're running a profitable business or losing money. Unlike … [Read more...]

5 Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Do you find that you’re constantly up against the clock? Is managing your work / life balance an ongoing battle? Freelancers frequently find the main barrier to developing and growing their client base is their own time. William Penn, businessman and philosopher said “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst,” few of us would argue with this sentiment. Even in this day and age of technological … [Read more...]

How to Set and Reach Your Goals in 2011

The New Year is the perfect time to take a step back and examine your business and plan some new goals. While you should be working on your business throughout the year, nothing is more important than sitting down and taking a good hard look at where you are and where you want to be. A year ago to the exact date (of when I wrote this article!) I wrote an article about setting goals for your business in … [Read more...]

How Building a Community Can Help Your Freelancing Business

Do you have a community? In this case, I'm not talking about where you live when I mention community. Rather, I'm talking about community in the sense of a closely knit group of people who form around a common interest. If you're a member of a community (online or otherwise), the benefits for your freelancing business could be enormous. In this post, I'll explain why. … [Read more...]

Freelancing Accountability Tips to Help You Stay on Target

Many complain about the inconvenience of working corporate hours, but freelancers understand best how having a rigid schedule can help with focus and productivity. The advantages of working your own hours and sitting wherever you call your "office" also bring many detractors and a constant need for self-imposed focus. Here we offer tips for moving forward--rather than sideways --with your projects. … [Read more...]