5 Choices You Will Face When Freelancing (And What You Should Choose)

One thing freelancers can never get rid of are dilemmas. Work from home or work at starbucks? Take a much needed rest day, or keep working hard? Take on a new client or pass on the offer? The list goes on and on. Out of the hundreds of decisions that we freelancers make on a regular basis, I think there are five major choices that matter the most. These are dilemmas that every freelancer faces at one time … [Read more...]

10 Tax Tips You Can Use Now To Avoid Pitfalls Later

One of the first encounters I had with freelancing involved a very talented co-worker who, sadly, was not very knowledgeable about income tax law. His lack of knowledge ultimately cost him his freelance business. "Brian" was an extremely gifted graphic designer who worked in the marketing department of the company where I was employed. I've always admired those with obvious artistic skill and "Brian" fit the … [Read more...]

Does Your Business Have the Flu?

You've heard all about the real flu, but did you know that your freelance business could get sick too? A person with the flu doesn't feel very good. They ache all over. Their throat may be sore or they may have a headache. They typically don't even really want to get out of bed. Not only does a person with the flu not feel very good. Generally, they don't look very good either. They may be pale or flushed, … [Read more...]

When To Hire an Accountant

One of the most common questions that freelancers ask is "how big does my business have to be before I need to hire an accountant" Many freelancers start their business on a shoestring budget. For many, a simple spreadsheet is their only accounting tool because that is all that they can really afford at first. For the freelancer who understands basic accounting and bookkeeping principles, a spreadsheet may … [Read more...]

Four Freelancing Mistakes You Don’t Need To Make

We rarely like to admit our mistakes, but if we fail to admit them and learn from them then they're likely to be repeated. In this article I want to admit some of my mistakes to you, and share my experience so that you can avoid making them. My journey has taken me from the highs of doing what I love every day to the lows of chasing monthly payments and then back again. To say that my journey has followed the … [Read more...]

Does a Freelancer Need to Be Hypercompetitive to Succeed?

Competition. The very word can strike fear and excitement into the heart of even the seasoned entrepreneur. "What is the competition doing?" "How competitive are we?" "How can we beat the competition?" These are all questions that every businessperson wonders at one time or another. There's no doubt that a freelancing business must be competitive in order to survive. But, what does being … [Read more...]

Open Thread: How Do You Handle Phone Calls?

In these open threads on FreelanceFolder we like to discuss some of the very basic areas of freelancing that matter to you guys on a daily basis. Take, for example, answering the phone. What seems like a simple part of every freelancer's day can actually be quite complex in practice. Do you use a cell phone or a land line? Do you have a number dedicated to business, or just a catch-all line? Do you use … [Read more...]

Your Business Backup Plan — Why You Need One

Many of you have been in this situation before: you have your workweek all planned out, you know exactly what you're going to do and exactly when you're going to do it. Everything is going right according to plan. Or, so you thought. Suddenly and without warning, a single event can change everything. Before you know it your entire week is turned upside down. What you thought you could do when you planned … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Make Your Freelance Business Fail

As I wade through the many blog posts and articles written about freelancing, I notice a very definite trend. While there are ample materials written for the freelancer who wants to succeed, there seems to be virtually nothing written for the freelancer who wants his or her freelance business to fail. It seems a bit unfair, really. I can picture some poor freelancer miserably trapped in his or her success and … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Do You Use Contracts?

There's a well known saying in the freelance and business world. You've heard it before, I've heard it before, and we've all probably ignored it on many occasions. The saying is this: you should always use a contract. Despite seeming like such simple advice, it is often very difficult to put into practice. Heck, there are even times when it seems like it shouldn't be put into practice. You shouldn't have to … [Read more...]