Thank-You to Our November Advertisers

It's starting to feel a bit like winter around here. Of course, that's probably because it's already November. Where has 2010 gone, anyway? The end of the year is a great time to take stock of your freelancing business and make sure that you have all of the tools that you like those offered by the high-quality companies supporting the Freelance Folder blog. In fact, it’s the support of these … [Read more...]

Freelancing Competition–Friends or Foes?

Let's face it. If you're a freelancer, then you've got competition. Competition means that there is someone else who is also targeting your ideal clients and prospects. They may be applying for the same projects. They may even be getting more of those projects than you are getting. It's very easy for a freelancer to get distracted by what their competition is doing. In this post, we'll discuss the three … [Read more...]

Thank-You to Our June Advertisers

It's June. It's hot outside. Many freelancers are thinking about vacation. June is also a great time to update your freelance toolkit--you know, those resources that help your run your business effectively. Why not update your toolkit today by visiting one of our advertisers? At Freelance Folder we have the good fortune to have some extraordinary companies supporting the blog. Our advertisers provide … [Read more...]

What to Do When Constant Client Emails Keep You from Working

I love my clients. They keep me in business and they allow me to have the kind of career and lifestyle I've always wanted. However that's not to say they aren't without their vices. The busier we get as freelancers, the less time we have to answer emails, yet the more emails we seem to get. What's worse is that we often get several clients who seemed to need babysitting on the web. While I don't mind … [Read more...]

The Common Sense Post on Building a Freelance Business

New freelancers who have never owned a business before often get overwhelmed after a short while. That's because there's much more to running a web design business than designing or to running a writing business than writing. In short, there's a business aspect to freelancing that most of us aren't used to. Even the best designers and programmers often don't understand some basic business principles when they … [Read more...]

The Importance of Doing What You Say

"I'll have the final copy for that email to you in an hour and then it will need to be coded immediately," he said. I made plans to be ready to receive the document and translate it into an email with superhuman customer service strength, satisfying the client's needs and exceeding his expectations. Four hours later, I was still waiting, my schedule for the day had been turned upside down, and the client had set … [Read more...]

Thank-You to Our May Advertisers

May has been an exciting month at Freelance Folder. We've opened up our forums. We've launched our own YouTube channel. Our terrific advertisers help make all these developments, and all the wonderful posts that you read each day, possible. At Freelance Folder we have the good fortune to have some extraordinary companies supporting the blog. Our advertisers provide services and products that are vital to … [Read more...]

The Care and Keeping of Long-Term Clients

Basically, there are two kinds of clients that a freelancer can have: One-time clients--Clients who need your services a single time Long-term clients--Clients who return frequently to use more of your services Both types of clients are important for a successful freelancing business. Long-term clients can offer you many benefits that one-time clients cannot. In this post, we'll focus on long-term … [Read more...]

10 Hidden Skills of Successful Freelancers

Anyone who's spent any time freelancing knows far too well that there is much more to it than simply doing that thing you love whenever you want in your pajamas. The truth is that a freelancer must become the equivalent of a business owner in many ways, and there are a number of other requirements that extend beyond that job title as well. In this post, I will point out some of the hidden skills that a … [Read more...]

Using Zen Practices to Increase Your Organization & Productivity

There comes a time in every freelancer's business that they realize the sad truth--that we spend more time answering emails, talking on the phone, sending estimates and invoices and doing generally everything but what we actually went into business for. I hate, absolutely hate, the management part of projects and of business in general. If I had my way, projects would beam down from the sky on to my desk with … [Read more...]