Five Easy Ways to Improve Yourself and Your Business

As an established freelancer it might be easy to stay where and how you are. You've got plenty of work and clients, so why do you need to change right? Unfortunately, it's this mindset that leads to slow downtimes and possibly failure. The internet and the way we use it changes every day and if you don't stay on top of this you can quickly become forgotten in this fast pace field. While this may seem like a … [Read more...]

The Lost Element of Quality

Quality... No matter what the field you'll hear a lot of complaints about a decline in quality. From Super Bowl Ads to bacon, from television shows to toys, many would argue that today's products and services are inferior in quality to products and services from the past. If you've ever bought something, only to have it break as soon as you get it home, you can relate to the disappointment that poor … [Read more...]

The Strangest Secret for Succeeding in a Tough Economy

Talk to enough people at the local coffee shop or watch enough late-night news and you’ll think the sky is falling. Fast! Unemployment doesn’t seem to be improving. Families are losing their homes. Businesses are going under. I’d say the pessimism among many freelancers I talk with is at a five-year high. In fact, until last year, I’ve never heard the words “starving” and “freelancer” used so frequently … [Read more...]

How What You Don’t Know Can Help Your Freelancing Business

So, you're pretty good at what you do. You've been doing it for a while and most projects seem to flow pretty smoothly. Then BAM! It happens. You're faced with a task or a subject or an app that you've never heard of before. Panic-time, right? Everyone knows that it's important to be knowledgeable in your field. Generally speaking, the more knowledge that you have mastered the more that you have to offer … [Read more...]

Working With Other Freelancers to Expand Your Business

There comes a time in every freelancer's career where you might decide that you need to expand your clientele or services, while still staying a one-person business.  While I believing that niching yourself into a certain type of client, industry or service can greatly improve your clientele and revenue; it's also important to make use of those "confused clients". Who are these confused clients? If you're a … [Read more...]

Can the Bad Attitude of a Few Bad Apples Hurt Your Business?

It's time to get serious about freelancing! A few freelancers don't take their business seriously enough, and quite frankly their unprofessionalism is hurting the rest of us who want to make a career out of freelancing. So, if you've been merely dabbling in freelancing, if you've been inconsistent with the quality you provide, or if your attitude towards clients needs a little bit of adjustment, I have … [Read more...]

Seven Benefits of Hiring Your Children

Do you remember the day your child was born? Took her first step? Went to school for the first time? Of course, you remember these milestones and cherish them as a parent. It's amazing to watch a child grow from a completely helpless infant to a teen or young adult with his own opinions and ways of doing things. Maybe your child is even old enough and capable enough to help you in your freelancing work. … [Read more...]

Are You a Trendy Freelancer?

Freelancing trends come and go. If you're online at all, you've probably already been exposed to a quite a number of trends. From blogs to eBooks to social media, there is a lot of freelancing advice out there. Some of that advice touches upon a common desire or hits a nerve among freelancers and becomes a popular trend. At one time or another, nearly every freelancer has been tempted to follow the herd and … [Read more...]

Grow Your Freelance Business With Killer Customer Service

In these days of automated phone answering, online bill payments and support, and countless other technology-based, personality-disconnected offerings, quality customer service can often be hard to find. I've written previously about the opportunities our society can provide for freelancers. In this post we will focus on the elements of killer customer service freelancers can use to grow their business and keep … [Read more...]

Dealing With Negative Criticism

As freelancers, we do everything we can to get our names out there. Whether it's writing blog posts, twittering, using other social media, or just dealing with clients, we try to be everywhere on the web. Unfortunately, the more you put yourself out there, the more you open yourself up to those people. You know who they are--the ones who disagree with you and aren't afraid to point that out, the ones who hate … [Read more...]