2014 – The Year of Ecommerce Design?

Over the last 18 months I have met hundreds of amazing designers and front-end developers, working independently as freelancers, as part of a collective or as a member of a small company, who are profiting from the rise in the popularity of ecommerce. This sector is experiencing large and rapid growth. If you haven’t added “designing for ecommerce” to your services portfolio yet then perhaps 2014 is the time … [Read more...]

New Pricing on The Client Machine and More!

If you have been a reader for a while you are probably very familiar with the freelancing products we sell here are Freelance Folder. We have made some recent changes and have changed some pricing so we wanted to get a post out to explain what is going on. First of all, The Client Machine is running at a greatly reduced rate. We have taken the $129 theme and marked it down to $19.99. Freelancers love the … [Read more...]

10 New Guidelines for Web Designers for 2012

Web design has become a profitable niche for freelancers in the last few years, especially with the popularity of the WordPress platform. Tech blogs, e-commerce sites and general information sites all prefer to have a custom-designed blog to help sell their offerings worldwide. To capitalize on the earning potential of web design industry there has been surge in the number of custom service web design … [Read more...]

6 Things to Do Before Sending a Site Design to a Developer

As web designers, sometimes it is far too easy to look at a completed design and think it is ready for production. But any developer will tell you that bringing a design to life in code takes more than just a pretty design. To expedite the coding process and ensure the product more closely reflects the design, make sure you do these six things before handing off your next design and your developer will love you … [Read more...]

Web Design Basics You May Have Forgotten

In the aftermath of the latest Panda update, the Google team has encouraged webmasters to focus on user experience rather than algorithms. As the battle for rankings in Google's search results is growing, many web designers are losing focus on the essence of being a designer. The path to achieving a design that would express beauty is now being put in second place to the path to good search engine … [Read more...]

Keeping Up with the Joneses of the Web

You've heard the saying "Keeping up with the Joneses," right? It basically means that whenever your neighbor (or friend or family member) buys some new shiny toy, you have to buy one too. They have a bunch of big screen TVs, trucks and Sea-Doos, so you have to have them too. But have you heard about Keeping up with the Joneses of the Web? Every day there seems to be some new cool trend out there than can be … [Read more...]

Which Content Management System Should You Focus On?

The web is a fantastic place filled with everything anyone could ever want. The problem becomes though, is that there can be too much to choose from and we often suffer from choice paralysis--where we freeze up and are unable to choose anything at all. Choice is not something lacking in the development world either and because of this, it's important to choose one or two platforms to focus on otherwise you … [Read more...]

12 Gifts Most Freelance Designers Only Dare to Dream About

Sure, there are a number of items you could purchase and wrap up to place beneath your beloved freelance designer's tree that would bring a smile to their face and warm their heart. Anyone can take a trip to the local art supply or computer store, or shop online for that perfect gift. I don't intend to discourage you from expressing your appreciation in such a wonderful way. But, if you'd like to blow the … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: A Premium Resource Toolbox for Designers

If you've been following us closely on twitter, then you probably already know about MediaLoot. If not, then we've got a huge announcement for you: The people who brought you FreelanceFolder are teaming up to launch a brand new website for designers, called MediaLoot. In a nutshell, some of us have become tired of the existing design marketplaces out there. We don't like having to pay for dozens of individual … [Read more...]