5 Reasons Why I Prefer to Freelance for Others

Back when I first started as an SEO professional (and a part-time content writer) it was common among SEO professionals to get some hands-on experience and then quit their jobs to start their own online business. There were so many opportunities lingering around in the cyber world and everybody wanted to grab a piece of the pie. Back then there was a lot more earning potential in starting an online business than … [Read more...]

How Flaky Freelancers Destroy Golden Opportunities

Getting started as a freelancer online isn’t easy. You start by building a website, and showcasing your work. But you don’t have any traffic, so you make your way over to the online freelance boards like eLance, oDesk and 99Designs. And finding work for decent pay is a lot harder than the online job boards make it out to be. Sure, you’re really good at what you do, but you don’t have much of a portfolio … [Read more...]

Becoming a Better Freelance Writer–Lessons Learned from Failure

I started off with freelancing in college to pay the bills. The only jobs around campus paid too little, demanded too much. Since I had a minor in English literature, it was only fitting that I moonlight as a freelance writer (which also stoked my ambitions to become an author). This is my story of how I became a freelance writer and of what I learned in the process. … [Read more...]

My 12 Biggest Freelancing Fears That Didn’t Come True

Fear kept me from freelancing for a long time. Colleagues and even acquaintances would comment on how my skills were perfect for becoming a freelancer and still I hesitated. I just "knew" something major and bad would happen if I left my comfortable corporate job for the uncertainty of freelancing. Well, it turns out that I was wrong about something bad happening. I've been freelancing for over nine years … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You MUST Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Freelancing is great, isn't it? If you've been freelancing for several years, you may be pretty comfortable by now. You've got an established client base--folks who come to you regularly when they need something done. You know and like them and they know and like you. Plus, you've found your ideal niche and as a bonus, you're really good at it. The niche work that you do is just challenging enough to hold … [Read more...]

Create Your Dream Job

Being a freelancer has always been a dream of mine. I was raised with the value of hard work, but was always told that to really succeed and get ahead in life, I needed to start my own company and be my own boss. Now that I've started my own company and am essentially my own boss though, what's next? Do I continue freelancing forever? Do I continue narrowing my niche and raising my fees? Before trying to … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Promote Yourself When You Have to Put Your Freelancing on Hold

I can’t look for more freelance work. It's not because I’ve got a lot of work on my plate or I gave up looking for projects to work on. I’m literally forced not to look for more work. Have you ever experienced something similar before? There are plenty of reasons that could cause you to put your freelancing business on hold. A family emergency, college, having a baby, moving out of your old apartment, … [Read more...]

Do You Study Before You Write?

When I first started freelancing, writing was not my path of choice. I thought to myself, "it’s a static, unattractive domain, which cannot give me the possibility to develop and grow into something better." Rather than write, I focused my attention on my primary skills (I work as a quality assurance specialist at a software company). But I soon found out that there weren’t too many jobs available for QA … [Read more...]

10 Totally Imaginary Freelancing Tools We Wish Really Existed

You've been working hard all week at freelancing, and so have I. It's time to have some fun! If you've ever wished there was a tool to make freelancing easier, this post is for you. We'll take a humorous look at ten freelancing tools that don't exist (as far as I know, LOL), but we wish did. At the end, I'll also ask for your suggestions for new freelancing tools. So, read on, and don't forget to … [Read more...]

What to Say When They Ask You What You Do for a Living

You're at a class reunion, meeting with people you haven't seen in years. You're having a great time when suddenly, without warning, it happens. The question you've been dreading... "Where do you work now?" What exactly should you say? Do you need to go into a long-winded explanation of how you started a freelancing business? You're stumped. New freelancers, especially, have been known to choke on these … [Read more...]