Freelance Lessons Learned–Make Your Own Music

Before I became a full-time freelancer, I’d imagine my future career and split it into two phases: Pre-freelance (when I lacked clarity and direction) Post-freelance (which would be full of purpose and perfection) The reality was much different. Instead of leaving one life behind, I found that lessons from my previous career helped me in my new one. The most helpful lessons came from a surprising … [Read more...]

5 Freelance Lessons I Learned from Working in the Fast Food Industry

It’s funny where the little lessons on life stem from. I was surprised the other day to discover that many of the work habits I use daily were ingrained into me from my first job in fast food. I started working right after I turned 16, and by doing the same thing every day for the next two years, I developed a set of rules from my experience that still apply today. Whether at the drive-thru, the front … [Read more...]

13 Serious Mistakes No Freelancer Should Ever Make

"We're human, mistakes happen." That's what my business coach IM'd to me, when I went wailing to her after I failed to make a Skype appointment with an important prospect. Sure, freelancers are human too. And we all make mistakes. But I still felt awful. I felt like a failure. I'd let my prospect down. I was a terrible freelancer. So I turned to my freelancing community and found that, indeed, other … [Read more...]

What Would You Do If Your Project Changed Ownership?

While most freelancers would probably like to work for a large company, the truth is that a lot of freelancing gigs come through small to medium-sized companies. Often, these companies change hands--sometimes in the course of a project. What's a freelancer to do when the company they are working for changes ownership? Client ownership changes are common in the freelancing world. It's happened to me, not … [Read more...]

4 Lessons 2010 Has Taught This Freelancer

I've made about half as much money this year as I did in 2009. I certainly hope you've done better, but I know that plenty of us have done worse. It's been the Year of the Whipsaw for me. January and February were deathly silent. March through May I was busier than I've been in 15 years in business for myself. Things trailed off through the summer and have picked back up this autumn. It's also been the … [Read more...]

You Know You’re a Freelancer When…

Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether you're a true freelancer or just someone doing some work on the side. The distinction is an important one, because you're expected to act differently as a freelancer--and by act differently I mean work longer hours, become a vampire and lose your social circles. But fear not, I'm giving you a trusty guide to settle the dilemma.....are you a freelancer or not? (and … [Read more...]

Why and How I Took the Plunge into Full-Time Freelancing

I have been dabbling in the freelance field of web and graphic design ever since I first started teaching myself how to use a computer in the early 1990s, but four years ago I decided to jump in with both feet and make it full-time, partially out of necessity and mostly out of a desire to pursue making a living doing something I love. There are many lessons I have learned (and am still learning) along the way, … [Read more...]

What’s the Single Best Thing You’ve Ever Done for Your Freelancing Biz?

Every so often, a freelancer will make a decision that takes their freelancing to the next level. It could be something that helped them find clients, charge more, get more work done, or become better in their field. For this post, I asked some of my freelancing friends to identify the best thing they'd ever done for their freelancing business. I was surprised at the wide variety of answers I received. … [Read more...]

Transitioning from Freelancing to a Large Company, What’s the Next Step?

There are dozens of differences between freelancers, small businesses and businesses that are large corporations. But, to the blind eye, no differences are noticeable. Many questions could be asked about the differences concerning employees, revenue, policies and processes, but how do you really know when it is time to take the next step? How do you know when to grow your small freelancing single proprietor … [Read more...]