Boost Your Freelance Business With Email Marketing

Email marketing consistently produces the biggest Return On Investment (ROI) for small businesses. According to the Direct Marketing Association, businesses average a return of $40.21 for every dollar spent on email marketing. It has played a key part in the success of my websites over the years and I want to show you how to both to increase your freelance business and to increase your own ROI. Most … [Read more...]

The Key to a Steady Freelance Income

How many sources of clients do you have now? 1? 2? Several? If you're like most freelancers, you have a few lead sources - possibly referrals and maybe an SEO strategy. But, if you only have one source - or your sources aren't reliable - you're playing a dangerous game with your freelance business. Let me explain ... I'm sure you heard the phrase: Don't put all your eggs in one basket... And when it … [Read more...]

How Do I Get Started with Freelancing?

Freelancing is becoming mainstream. Estimates vary, but many experts put the number of freelancers in the U.S. at one out of three workers. See this article from Elizabeth Tse on HuffPost, Five Reasons The Government Needs to Start Acknowledging Freelancers, for one discussion on the importance of freelancers. While there are many active freelancers, there are also many would-be freelancers. Would-be … [Read more...]

10 Things Freelancers Need to Know About Networking Online If They Want to Find Work

Do you understand how to network effectively through social media? Sadly, many freelancers do not really know how to network through social media. The other day, I received an odd tweet from someone I didn't know. In fact, I wasn't even following the person who sent the tweet. Maybe something similar has happened to you? The tweet I received read something like this: "I'm available to work on … [Read more...]

How Should Freelancers Find Work?

We live in the age of the freelancer, with some sources saying that as many as 1/3 of all U.S. workers are freelancing. The number of freelancers is likely to increase in the future, so finding good freelance work is an important one. The fact is, not all freelancing gigs are created equal. There is a lot of freelancing work out there, but there are also a lot of bad clients that most freelancers will … [Read more...]

Your Long-Term Prospects Are Your Future Clients–Here’s How to Reach Them

You've probably heard that one of the best ways to close a deal with a prospective client is follow up. We've even told you that here on Freelance Folder. Let's face it, sometimes no matter how hard you try to close the deal, you just can't. It's not because you're doing something wrong. It may be because the client isn't ready to hire you yet. What most people won't tell you is how to follow up with … [Read more...]

Free Webinar: 4 Keys to a Successful Web Design Business

Do you ever find yourself “chasing” clients? Struggling web designers are often so busy chasing after the next client, that they fail to see opportunities that are right there in front of them! Let us show you how to break that cycle. Learn to nurture the current projects and relationships that you have, and turn them from one-time projects into ongoing engagements. Using time-tested principles, I have … [Read more...]

12+ Common Email Mistakes No Freelancer Should Ever Make

Contacting potential clients directly by email or phone is a great way to find gigs...if it's done correctly. Unfortunately, too many freelancers (and others) don't know how to use email effectively. They fail to realize that email is a form of business communication. They make numerous mistakes and expect their emails to be effective. Recently, Mihaela Lica Butler chronicled a common mistake in her post, … [Read more...]

Should You Freelance Through an Intermediary?

Finding new clients can be stressful and quite frankly, it is a lot of work. It's easy to understand the attraction of freelancing through an intermediary. An intermediary (also known as a go-between or middleman) is someone who matches freelancers with freelancing projects. Freelancing through intermediaries is extremely popular and many freelancers get their start by working with a go-between. In … [Read more...]

12 Tips for Becoming a Contagious Freelancer

Did you ever notice that some freelancers attract more business than others do? It's true. There are some freelancers who always seem to stay busy, even when others struggle to find enough work. You can recognize them by looking through their testimonials. Or, you may notice that they always seem to have a positive attitude. I call them contagious freelancers, because their desirability seems to be … [Read more...]