New Pricing on The Client Machine and More!

If you have been a reader for a while you are probably very familiar with the freelancing products we sell here are Freelance Folder. We have made some recent changes and have changed some pricing so we wanted to get a post out to explain what is going on. First of all, The Client Machine is running at a greatly reduced rate. We have taken the $129 theme and marked it down to $19.99. Freelancers love the … [Read more...]

Dealing with the Freelancing/Experience Dilemma

An old cliché asks which came first--the chicken or the egg? It's a trick question, because there has to have been a chicken to produce the egg, but all chickens come from eggs. We freelancers face a similar trick question. Which should come first? Freelancing or experience in your field? It often seems that you can't have one without the other. Of course, if you can go into freelancing with a lot of … [Read more...]

The One Question Your Prospects Really Want You to Answer

Many freelancers struggle to get new clients. You may be facing this struggle right now. In fact, "How Do I Get Clients?" is one of the most frequently asked questions that freelancers ask. So, if you're a freelancer who is struggling with the very real problem of getting clients, know that you're not alone. There are many effective tactics that you can use to find new clients, but in the end it all boils … [Read more...]

Why All Freelancers Really Need a LinkedIn Profile

So, you understand that participating in social media is important for your freelancing business--that's a great start. Let me ask you something else. Do you currently have a profile on LinkedIn? If you answered "no," then you may be missing a great opportunity to market yourself to the very businesses that you're trying to reach. In this post, I'll discuss some of the benefits freelancers can find … [Read more...]

Are Free Blog Sites Really a Good Deal for Freelancers?

Every freelancer should have a blog, or at least a website, to act as a portfolio to showcase his or her expertise. That's because, for most freelancers, online marketing plays a huge role in how we get our customers. Most freelancers understand this. But if you're just getting started what is really the best way to go about getting a website for yourself? You basically have two options when it comes to … [Read more...]

20 Excellent Tips for Getting Your First Freelancing Gig

It's an exciting time! After weeks of wavering, you've finally decided to become a freelancer. You've got the skills. Maybe you've even set up a freelancing website already. You're ready and willing--but there are no clients in sight. Now what do you do? This post gives you twenty tips for finding that elusive first freelancing project. … [Read more...]

How to Get More Freelancing Visibility

There's a simple answer to the question of why you don't have more clients. Your potential clients don't know that you exist. While many freelancers don't think much about how easily they can be found by their prospects, all freelancers should consider visibility. Your freelancing ability affects whether or not you attract new clients. If your prospective clients can't find you, then they can't hire you. … [Read more...]

Why You Can’t Afford to Be an Undercover Freelancer

I love detective movies. I really do. There's nothing more thrilling than when the detective goes undercover by blending in with the bad guys. You spend the rest of the movie holding your breathe to see whether the hero gets caught or catches the bad guys. Going undercover makes for great entertainment. Unfortunately, going undercover isn't so great if you're a freelancer. You see, as a freelancer, … [Read more...]

14 Ways to Put Your Best Foot Forward

You don't get a second chance to make a good first impression, so make your first contacts count. Making a bad impression could cost you a client. It's often the first few minutes of any initial meeting that determine whether or not you get a prospect's business. Yet, many freelancers ignore the importance of leaving a good first impression--that's because they don't know how to make a good impression or they … [Read more...]

Surprise! Freelancers Aren’t Really Alone

The lone freelancer, huddled over a keyboard day after day in an empty home office... He, or she, is totally isolated and rarely makes human contact. The lonely freelancer may even be in danger of losing his or her social skills. At least, that's the popular perception. Freelancing and being isolated just seem to go together. Some people are even attracted to freelancing specifically because they think … [Read more...]