Are You Ready for These Freelancing Challenges?

“Freelancing!” The immediate ideas that rush to mind are that you can be your own boss, you can have a flexible work schedule, and time for yourself. Those are certainly some wonderful advantages to freelancing, but there are also some challenges. If you're thinking of becoming a freelancer, you're probably excited about the advantages of freelancing, but have you thought of the … [Read more...]

Preparing for a Freelance Career

I’ve been planning to become a freelancer since college. During my second year of school I picked up a copy of Media Bistro's Get A Freelance Life (by Margit Feury Ragland) and decided to do an independent study around learning to become a freelancer. I studied it the same way you might study math or a Victorian novel. I picked apart the pieces of what it meant to become a freelancer; the ways all the great … [Read more...]

Secrets to Online Selling

Every day someone wakes up and decides I will make money by selling stuff online. And every day someone quits the process saying that it is just too tough. Many of those who sell goods and services online are freelancers. The truth is that selling online is just as easy or difficult as selling in the real world. If you are a lousy salesperson in the real world, there is a good chance that you will remain a … [Read more...]

Why Freelancers Don’t Really Need a Business Plan

Pick up any old business book and what's the first thing they tell you that need to do before starting your business? Write out a business plan. While I can't speak for any other types of businesses, I've found that as a freelancer, business plans are utterly useless, and in some cases, harmful. Interestingly enough, larger companies are starting to come to the same conclusion. If you've ever read 37signal's … [Read more...]

8 Essential Steps to Starting Your Freelancing Biz

Getting started in freelancing is pretty scary stuff. In all likelihood, you don't know a lot of people who've done it before, which means you can't get advice from people you trust. You'll be diving into dark, strange waters and may be terrified about your future as well as that of your loved ones. What if I told you, you can take eight simple steps that will bring you closer to your goal of freelancing? … [Read more...]

Are Bidding Websites Good for Freelancers to Use?

Is “bid” a dirty word? If so, no one told me until I had already started the dirty task of bidding. Now, people ask me all the time: Are those bidding websites (e.g., oDesk, Project4Hire and Elance) legit? Seasoned writers often look down their noses at me and say in a snarky tone, “You bid on jobs?” And writers who are just getting started ask me if these sites are scams. Yes, they are legit. Yes, I bid. … [Read more...]

Can You Really Teach Yourself to Be a Freelance Writer?

Somebody asked me this question recently: Can you teach yourself to be a freelance writer? Because I believe in the human potential, my answer is a resounding: "Yes!" Anybody with enough motivation and commitment can learn to become a freelance writer. Humans have accomplished much harder feats than this. However, bear in mind we're talking about two things here: teaching yourself writing, and teaching … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Get Your Name in Front of Prospective Clients

The most difficult part about starting out as a freelancer is finding work. If you've ever spent an entire day applying for advertised freelance gigs, you will probably relate to this post. A key component of getting clients for your freelancing business is to get your name out there. You can be the very best freelancer in your chosen profession, but if no one has ever heard of you or your freelancing … [Read more...]

Making the Transition from Part-Time Freelancing to Full-Time Business

So you've been doing your freelancing thing on the side, relegating the work you are most enthused about to nights and weekends, sleeping less than any human should, and dreaming of the time when you can walk away from your day job and dive headlong into working full-time for yourself. As enticing as the prospect sounds, taking that leap can be one of the most stress-ridden moments in one's life. In this … [Read more...]

Six Character Traits Needed for Freelancing

Before starting a career as a freelancer (this advice also can be applied to any other career), it is a good idea to compare the qualities required for the respective job with your own mentality and way of working. If somebody is very creative, fun, and spirited, then it is a complete mistake to choose to be an employee. Changing jobs is a challenging event, but if somebody really doesn't like their job, they … [Read more...]