Stuck in Your Tracks? How to Get Unstuck Today

Freelancing can be a great lifestyle that offers many benefits. However, sometimes even the best freelancers get stuck. There are many ways a freelancer can get stuck. They can get stuck in the rut of working for low pay. They can get stuck creatively where they find themselves doing the same unchallenging work over and over. Or, they can get stuck when they fall behind technology and current trends. If … [Read more...]

Capturing Your Creativity

We freelancers are a creative bunch. If you're a freelance writer, you need to frequently come up with fresh ideas for copy. If you're a designer, you must continually come up with fresh design ideas. Even freelancing fields that are supposedly "less" creative require freelancers to come up with new and innovative approaches to solving problems. Freelancers are constantly on the hunt for new ideas. Is it any … [Read more...]

The Holistic Freelancer

What makes you the freelancer you are? (Hint: it's NOT what you think it is.) While it may be tempting to look for a simple, single factor that always leads to freelancing success, the real truth is that all freelance success is due to the sum of many parts. There's no single path to freelancing success (and this can be frustrating). As I've said before, what works well for one freelancer may totally bomb … [Read more...]

Why You Sometimes Must Fail Before You Can Succeed (and How to Recover)

I hate pain! When the doctor has to draw blood, I wince and look the other way. If I know something is going to hurt, I generally go out of my way to avoid it. However, sometimes you must fail before you can succeed as a freelancer--and failure hurts. Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating failure for failure's sake. I definitely believe in working smart. That's one reason I share my experiences and … [Read more...]

Is a Balanced Lifestyle Really Even Possible for a Freelancer?

The three motivators that cause most freelancers to start freelancing are a search for balance in their life, a desire to build and expand a business, or a desire to earn more money. All of these motivations can be achieved through freelancing, but it is often the first one--a desire for balance--that seems to be the most elusive for many freelancers. And often, balance seems incompatible with the other … [Read more...]

Attitude Counts

What is the difference between a successful freelancer and one who fails? Do you know that answer? Of course, there are many variables behind a successful freelancing career. Talent and skill definitely do count for something as does providing good customer service. However, I'm convinced that a key characteristic of many successful freelancers is their positive attitude. A good attitude can help to … [Read more...]

Can Freelancers Benefit from Learning a Second Language?

Freelancers face an increasingly global marketplace. Unless you work with local clients only, chances are that sooner or later you will end up working with someone in a different country and odds are that their native tongue may be different than your own. This being the case, you may wonder whether your freelancing business would benefit if you became fluent in another language. Of course, many freelancers … [Read more...]

Is Talent Enough?

How important is talent? Is it enough to let you succeed as a freelancer? On the one hand, we'd love to believe that sheer talent automatically leads to freelancing success every time. Who doesn't like a story of someone who rises from obscurity solely because of their outstanding ability? That's the stuff movies are made of. As freelancers, however, we are reluctantly forced to admit that such stories of … [Read more...]

Why It’s Okay to Be Small

Lots of freelancers go to great lengths to disguise the fact that they're a one-man (or one-woman) operation. They may refer to their business decisions in plural ("we decided to..."), give themselves a fancy title (Chief of Operations), or even create a fake persona to screen phone calls. It's almost as though they are ashamed of being a freelancer. However, being a small business isn't necessarily a bad … [Read more...]

My 12 Biggest Freelancing Fears That Didn’t Come True

Fear kept me from freelancing for a long time. Colleagues and even acquaintances would comment on how my skills were perfect for becoming a freelancer and still I hesitated. I just "knew" something major and bad would happen if I left my comfortable corporate job for the uncertainty of freelancing. Well, it turns out that I was wrong about something bad happening. I've been freelancing for over nine years … [Read more...]