The Accidental Blogger

[Editor:] Have you ever started something that didn't seem to work out, only to later experience great success in that same area? Have you ever thought about blogging professionally? If you answered "yes" to either question, this post is for you. It's the true story, in her own words, of a professional blogger and how she got started. Let's begin. Here is Sharon's story... I sometimes describe myself as … [Read more...]

Find Your Forgotten Treasure

Everyone loves a treasure hunt! Movies, stories, and even games have been created around the concept of hidden treasure. The attraction is simple--somewhere that nobody expects something very valuable is hidden. It can be fun to watch a movie about a treasure hunt or to take part in a scavenger hunt, but did you know that you may be overlooking things of value to your freelancing business? In this … [Read more...]

Mindset Busters That Make Freelancers Fail

One of the first things I learned as a freelancer was the importance of mindset. I study successful people and I've noticed a few things. Many of them are talented, but some of them are average, at best. Neither do they have mind-blowing academic achievements. Some of them aren't even good looking. And yet, they attract hordes of loyal "fans." They seem to beguile clients and hypnotize them into opening … [Read more...]

10 Kind Things You Can Do Today to Help Another Freelancer

One of the characteristics of freelancing is that freelancers don't see their peers every day. In a traditional work environment, you may find yourself housed in a building that not only includes your peers, but other workers as well. While working alone can have its advantages (no noise, fewer interruptions), there are some disadvantages too. For example, if you need advice from a colleague there's no one … [Read more...]

Five Fast Facts About Freelancing

You're thinking about becoming a freelancer. Or, maybe you've already started your own freelancing business. Good for you! This means you're doing something positive about your dreams. You're taking action (or about to take action). Taking action is a very good thing. Freelancing can provide a wonderful life. But freelancing also has its ups and downs--the downside just doesn't get mentioned very … [Read more...]

5 Exciting Career Tracks for Freelancers

Can a freelancer have a career track? Back when I was an employee, the company that I worked for decided that each professional-level employee needed to choose a career track as part of their employee development plan. We were given a choice. Jump on the management track and be groomed to move into middle management. Or, choose to stay in your professional field and continue developing expertise in your … [Read more...]

Rekindling the Romance of Writing

Do you remember those days when the thought of escaping the office and the torture of a 9 to 5 pay-the-bills-job to sit at home in your pajamas was enough to make you nearly unbearable to be around? Remember dreaming of having nothing more pressing to worry about on any given day than sipping coffee and pouring out thoughts on paper after leisurely reading the paper and sending out some very non-urgent … [Read more...]

7 Top Freelance Survival Tips

These seven freelance survival tips will help to see you through the lean times--and there will be lean times, at least until you have an established, reliable base of regular customers. Every freelance worker has gone through a bad patch, when none of their job bids are accepted, on-spec submissions are rejected, or rock-solid clients cancel a gig (or go under). How you deal with adversity is critical to the … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why You MUST Move Out of Your Comfort Zone

Freelancing is great, isn't it? If you've been freelancing for several years, you may be pretty comfortable by now. You've got an established client base--folks who come to you regularly when they need something done. You know and like them and they know and like you. Plus, you've found your ideal niche and as a bonus, you're really good at it. The niche work that you do is just challenging enough to hold … [Read more...]

So You’re a Failure

Everyone comes to a point in their life where they feel like a failure. Nothing seems to go right, does it? It's even worse when the failure has to do with your freelance business, as that means everything in your life is in jeopardy--from the mortgage to putting food on the table. So what do we do when we begin to get the tugging feeling that things aren't going quite so well? What if we're already at the … [Read more...]