The Secrets of Running Multiple Freelance Businesses

You have your freelance business. You've determined your profession, and now you're set to go--right? Wrong! For a growing number of freelancers, one freelance business is not enough. These busy, dedicated folks operate more than one freelancing business at the same time. How do they do it? After all, most freelancers are already juggling many different responsibilities. I caught up with a couple … [Read more...]

Jonathan Kay on Getting Referrals and Freelance Marketing

Do you like to market your freelancing business? If you're like many freelancers, your answer to that question is probably "no." Many freelancers dislike the marketing tasks associated with freelancing. That's one reason why we're presenting this interview with Jonathan Kay. You see, marketing is Jonathan's job--and he's good at it. Very good. Jonathan's official title is the Ambassador of Buzz at … [Read more...]

How One Ecommerce Company Got Started

Many freelancers start their one person business with the idea that someday they'd like to expand and become something more. Some freelancers go on to start a full design agency, while others prefer to make their own products to sell to clients. I've know the company SumEffect software for over a year now and they make an awesome product called CoreCommerce. SumEffect software is an excellent example of a … [Read more...]

How to Use Podcasts to Bolster Your Freelancing Business (Interview)

If you use an iPod, iPhone or iTunes, no doubt you've heard about podcasts. You've probably subscribed to a few and enjoy being able to consume content at the time and place of your choice. Did you know that podcasting can be an effective marketing tool for freelancers too? I recently interviewed Jeff Young, creator of the Catholic Foodie podcast. Jeff is a copywriter and social media consultant who was a … [Read more...]

Ed Gandia on a Day to Recognize Freelancers Everywhere

Freelancers work hard. Very few people realize how hard we work. Now, however, there's a day to recognize all freelancers. If you've been a freelancer for any length of time, you probably know the name Ed Gandia. Not only is he one of the regular contributors here on Freelance Folder, but he's also one of the co‚Äďauthors of the helpful book, The Wealthy Freelancer. Ed has another project up his sleeve, … [Read more...]

Why & How Freelancers Should Exercise (from Fitness Expert Scott Tousignant)

As freelancers, our biggest assets are our minds and bodies. If we get sick, we can't do any work. If our minds are foggy, we can't produce our best. Therefore, we don't make any money or as much money as we could. Unfortunately, the care of our bodies is not always a top priority for many freelancers. It's easy to get caught up in all our work--particularly because we enjoy it so much. Plus, if you work … [Read more...]

What Your Bookkeeper Wants You to Know About Recordkeeping (Interview)

Freelancers have survived yet another Tax Day, which means now is the perfect time to... prepare for the next one! Most freelancers are in denial about their finances, putting off even thinking about them until taxes are due again--with grave consequences (as you'll see later on). However, recording and monitoring your "books" or records of financial transactions is an essential part of running a … [Read more...]

Deb Ng on Getting Started, Success, the Future, and More

If you're involved with freelance writing at all, then you've probably heard of Deb Ng. Deb runs the very popular Freelance Writing Jobs blog network. If you're a freelance writer and you're looking for work, Deb's blog is definitely a site you want to explore. Deb's also been a contributor at a number of other blogs (including this one) and has authored several eBooks. It's fun to look at a freelancing … [Read more...]

Essential Advice from 6 Successful Freelancers

I was reading Freelance Folder for well over a year before I had the pleasure of becoming a regular contributor for the site. In that time I was able to learn from a wealth of information that the team of writers here have had to offer. Thankfully, this variety and quality hasn't changed, but today I want to mix things up a bit and get advice from other sources. I have taken the time to contact some of the … [Read more...]

Interview With Designer Extraordinaire — Liam McKay of Function

Hey everyone! Today we have an interview with Liam McKay of Function - Web Design and Development. I've had the pleasure of connecting with Liam on multiple occasions both via his design blog and also via Twitter and I'm very happy Liam accepted the invitation for this interview! Hope you like it! Jon: Hi Liam! First I'd like to thank you for taking the time for this interview. Can you tell us a little about … [Read more...]