12 Free Healthy Apps for Freelancers and Others

You're committed to your freelancing business. You spend hours each day working on projects. You market your business diligently. You invest your money in software, hardware, and other business assets. You do all of this for your business, yet you overlook one very important business asset--your health. If you're not careful, your freelancing lifestyle may lead to some pretty unhealthy habits such as not … [Read more...]

Is Freelancing Easy?

Freelancing may be a more common career choice than it used to be, but there are still people who don't get it. It's still not uncommon to hear the following sentiment: "How hard could it be?" The uninformed acquaintance who uttered those words was talking about the work of a freelance web designer, but as a freelancer myself, I was a bit offended by his comment. Still, I know that there are others who … [Read more...]

Top 10 Pieces of Goofy Freelancing Advice

Freelancing advice seems to be everywhere. Unfortunately, not all freelancing advice is good advice. I've been freelancing for years, and sometimes I just shake my head at some of the advice that people are offering. If you're relatively new to freelancing, or are considering freelancing, all the advice out there can be confusing. It can be hard to find the right advice for you. In this post, I share … [Read more...]

Why Do Some Freelancers Fail?

Some freelancers fail. It's a sad cold fact. And in a world where a steadily increasing percentage of the workforce is freelance, you may wonder why. Of course, there are a lot bad freelancing practices that can cause you to fail. Naturally, you should avoid those. But what about when you seem to be doing everything right and you fail anyway? Some freelance failure might seem like a mystery, but there's … [Read more...]

Top Freelancing Tips for Every Stage of Life

According to article after article, a substantial number of adults are engaged in freelancing and the number of freelancers is increasing. For example, Business Insider recently published an article from Vivian Giang titled 40 Percent Of Americans Will Be Freelancers By 2020. But, did you ever wonder exactly who these freelancers are? The answer is, they're us. Freelancers are people at every stage of life … [Read more...]

5 Informative Affordable Care Act Posts for Freelancers and Other Small Businesses

Traditionally, finding good health insurance coverage has been a challenge for some freelancers. We've even discussed the challenge of finding health insurance here on Freelance Folder. For years, I've also heard the horror stories about freelancers who skipped buying health insurance coverage (something I've never recommended) and then got sick. You've probably heard the stories too, or you might even know a … [Read more...]

Freelancing Out of Desperation–Does It Work?

How did you get started in freelancing? This is a questions that I frequently see asked on forums and blogs where I participate. Invariably, someone will leave a response that looks something like this: ...so, of course I had no choice but to become a freelancer... The words preceding the statement vary. Sometimes, they explain how the freelancer lost a traditional job. Other times they explain how … [Read more...]

8+ Ways to Keep Your Fears from Messing Up Your Freelancing Business

By now, there has been a lot of good freelancing advice published. There's certainly a lot more information available now about freelancing than there was when I made the transition to freelancing over ten years ago. So, why are freelancers still making the same mistakes, over and over again? Why are they still saying "yes" to bad clients, when they should say "no?" Why are freelancers still charging less … [Read more...]

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Freelancers deal with a lot of stress. When you freelance, there's a lot that can go wrong. And when something goes wrong that often means we don't get paid. So, it's no wonder that many of us struggle with worry. Recently, though, I've realized that much of what I worry about isn't really worth my worry. I seem to worry equally about minor issues and things that I can't control. From what I can tell, … [Read more...]

Where Is the Best Place for Freelancers to Work, Really?

One of the perks of being a freelancer is that you can work from anywhere, but should you? You may have visions of dragging your laptop or mobile device to the beach with you and happily working on your projects while enjoying the sea view. But the truth is that for many freelancers, the beach is a less than ideal work location. As a freelancer, I've tried working from many different locations over the … [Read more...]