13 Freelancing Predictions for 2013

What does 2013 have in store for freelancers? A lot of people want to know that answer and if you freelance, you're probably one of those people. It would be great if we could know for sure what the future holds for us, but the truth is that no one knows for sure what changes 2013 will bring. But what we can do is look at recent trends and make some intelligent guesses about what the near future holds … [Read more...]

Getting a Fresh Start as a Freelancer

Are you hoping to get a fresh start as a freelancer? Or, are you a freelancer seeking to switch gears? Both freelancers and non-freelancers alike look at freelancing as a chance to get a fresh start--with good reason. Freelancing does give you the chance to try something new. There's no doubt that freelancing offers a lot of opportunities. Freelancers have a great deal of control over their careers. But … [Read more...]

Beware These Freelancer Health Hazards

Freelancing can be a great opportunity and lead to a great lifestyle, but there are some risks. One of these risks can be to your health. I wrote this article to make freelancers aware of some specific health problems that freelancers may face. Of course, every lifestyle comes with its own risks, but many freelancers are unaware of the potential health problems that can be associated with freelancing. In … [Read more...]

10 Things Every Freelancer Should Try at Least Once

Do you have a freelancer bucket list? Now, you might be wondering what a bucket list is. Simply put, it's a list of things you'd like to try, but never got a chance to do. It takes its name from the 2007 movie, The Bucket List, in which two aging and terminally ill men set out to do things they always wanted to do before they die. So, a freelancer bucket list is a list of things that you've wanted to try … [Read more...]

5+ Ways to Survive Freelancing Famine Periods

Any long-term freelancer will tell you that most freelancers go through ups and downs--periods of high pay and periods of low pay. But the feast or famine cycle can take new freelancers by surprise. While there are definitely some steps you can take to avoid the feast or famine cycle, for many freelancers the real questions is this--"How am I going to get through this slow period?" In this post, I'll … [Read more...]

Freelancing Therapy: How to Make Freelancing Work for Your Personality

Are you struggling as a freelancer? It could be that your personality is to blame. Of course, there are many types of successful freelancers. So, your personality type need not be an obstacle to your success. But sadly, it often is. In this post, I'll list some common personality types and explain some of the freelancing challenges that are specific to each type. … [Read more...]

9 Freelancing Tips for Handling Illness

How are you feeling today? I hope you're feeling well, but the sad truth is that freelancers are just like everyone else. We get sick sometimes. Unlike other workers, however, freelancers don't have paid sick time. There are a lot of perks that go along with freelancing, but taking a paid day off when we're not feeling well is not one of them. An illness doesn't have to derail you as a freelancer. There … [Read more...]

5 Economic Trends that Affect Freelancers

If you're like me, you're probably watching the news about the economy. Unfortunately, a lot of that news is bad (at least recently). You're probably hearing about layoffs, companies in trouble, people losing their jobs, and to top it all off--prices going up. As a freelancer, such news probably makes you nervous. You may be wondering if it's really a good time to be a freelancer. You may even be thinking … [Read more...]

Should You Ever Turn Freelancing Work Down?

Do you have more work than you can do right now? Here on Freelance Folder, we spend a lot of time talking about how to get more freelance work...and rightfully so. Many freelancers struggle to find freelance work. However, there's another side to freelancing that many experienced freelancers will attest to--freelance overload. This is the feast aspect of the infamous freelancing feast or famine … [Read more...]

What You Can Really Expect As a Freelancer When You Travel and Work

One of the wonderful things about freelancing is that a freelancing job is mobile. It doesn't matter where you happen to be when you work, as long as you meet your deadlines and produce high quality work. This flexibility of location has led to a new breed of freelancer--the location independent professional. These are freelancers who combine a love for travel with their freelancing careers. But, becoming … [Read more...]