Dealing With Big Name Clients

The day that every freelancer dreams of finally comes--you get contacted by a big name client. The want you to do some work with them. You're excited and as soon as you get off the phone you jump around your office screaming "YES!". Surely that means if you're doing work for one large company, you'll never again have to scramble to find work. However after the initial excitement has worn off and you've … [Read more...]

Adding a FAQ Page to Your Website Can Get You More Clients & Save Time

Does your business blog or portfolio page have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page? If your answer is "no," you could be losing potential clients and wasting valuable time. In this post, we'll discuss an easy way to add a FAQ link to your business blog. We'll also talk about the information you should include on your FAQ page. … [Read more...]

Manifesto for a Freelancer with a Family

There are countless potential benefits of being a freelancer, and the list increases if you have a spouse and children sharing the experience with you. Many, like me, are lucky enough to work from home and get to experience family life intertwined with their work on a daily basis. However, I have learned that if I don't make a concentrated and consistent effort to seize this opportunity, it can be very easy to … [Read more...]

7 Secrets to Winning Better Projects — Faster

What do you do when a potential client calls you about a project opportunity? Do you know what questions to ask…and in what order? Do you know what “next steps” you’ll suggest based on the information you gather? OK…so developing a sales process is not the most exciting activity in the world. But somewhere during my 11 years in sales, I came to the realization that even a mediocre process beats no process at … [Read more...]

How to Cushion “Bad” News and Keep Your Client Relationship

If you've been reading Freelance Folder for a while, you already know that the client isn't always right. In fact, sometimes the client is wrong--very wrong. Just because the client is wrong doesn't mean that you should always dump the client, though. Not all clients who are wrong are demons from hell. In fact, most of them are good people who you probably want to continue to maintain a professional … [Read more...]

Managing Your Client Schedule

Having lots of clients is the goal for any freelancer who's serious about business. The money is always flowing, your clients are happy and you're working hard to maintain your reputation. The problem though, is the fact you haven't seen the outside of your office for weeks, you dream about the next email you're going to send to your clients, and you're constantly checking your phone for client replies when … [Read more...]

Networking 101 (Plus 15 Great Freelance Networking Strategies)

Networking is essential to freelancers. Through networking, we build relationships with individuals and companies that may eventually become our clients. Many freelancers have the wrong idea about networking, though. They want instant results. In this post, we'll define networking, correct any misperceptions that you may have about networking, and list 15 networking strategies that you might not be aware … [Read more...]

An Essential, But Often Missed Element of a Project Proposal

A few months ago, I wrote about the elements of a successful project proposal. Unfortunately, I missed a crucial element. One that probably a majority of freelancers miss as well. Can you guess what it is? It's the expiration date. Thanks to the active members in the Freelance Folder forums, I saw the error of my ways. … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Get Your Stalled Freelancing Project Unstuck

You never thought it would happen to you. You've landed your dream freelancing project. You've been working on it for a while now, when all of the sudden you find you just can't go any further. You're stuck! There are a number of reasons why a freelancing project might get stuck. In this post, we identify four of those reasons and explain how to overcome each reason. (A special thank-you to our Freelance … [Read more...]

How to Get Clients to Absolutely Love Your Freelancing Work

As freelancers for hire, our clients' happiness is topmost on our minds. Happy clients mean returning clients. Happy clients mean more referrals. Therefore, happy clients mean more projects with less marketing effort. Plus, it simply feels good when clients rave about our work. It boosts our confidence. It makes it much easier for us to raise our rates, charge what we're really worth, and submit proposals to … [Read more...]