A Tale of Two Freelancers, Which One Are You?

It's no secret that different freelancers favor different approaches to running their freelance businesses. Each approach has its own unique challenges, drawbacks, and benefits. In this post, I'll be profiling two different approaches to freelancing and discussing the challenges, drawbacks, and benefits of each approach. … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Fooled By These 6 Client Lies

Is your client lying to you? Sadly, not all freelance clients are on the up and up. Some clients are downright scammers, while others may just have a tendency to stretch the truth from time to time. Unfortunately, even "little white lies" can have a serious impact on a freelancer who depends on client work and client payments to pay the bills. In this post, I'll list six common client lies and explain … [Read more...]

10 Steps to a Client-Winning Mindset

We can read freelancing advice all day long, but the truth is that when you are a freelancer--your mindset is everything. Your mindset determines the difference between reading advice and following advice. It's the difference between doing a good job and doing a lousy job. And finally, your mindset can be the difference between quitting and persevering (and ultimately succeeding). A bad attitude is a … [Read more...]

7 Common Objections Freelancers Face, Now Answered

Successfully handling client objections is an essential part of running a freelancing business. However, when faced with a prospect or client objection for the first time, many freelancers don't know what to do. Even worse, they may take the objection personally. Facing an objection from a prospective client doesn't have to mean that you've lost their business. Instead, it can be the launching point for a … [Read more...]

21 Times for a Freelancer to Say “No”

The ability to say "no" is vital to freelancers. While there are many good freelancing opportunities out there, there are also many bad gigs that every freelancer should turn down. Sadly, I read about a freelancer trapped working for a bad client on social media nearly every day. But, we freelancers often accept jobs that we really shouldn't take. We need to learn to say "no." In this post, I list … [Read more...]

Do You Make These 5 Common Negotiating Mistakes?

Negotiations are key for successful freelancers. Nearly every project starts with negotiations (or if it doesn't, it should). Freelancers who can't negotiate a profitable deal are at risk for losing money, or even worse, going out of business. So, it stands to reason that negotiating skills are also important. In this post, I identify five common negotiating mistakes that freelancers often make. Read the post … [Read more...]

7 Warning Signs That You Are About to Lose a Client

Long-term clients are great for a freelancer's bottom line. There's nothing quite like knowing that you have a six-month or even a year contract for the foreseeable future. It should come as no surprise, then, that losing a long-term client can be traumatic for a freelancer and devastating to a freelancing business. Losing a client that you were counting on for regular work can take many of us from feast to … [Read more...]

25 Tips for Avoiding Communication Problems

Miscommunication is a huge obstacle to building a successful relationship. And, since freelancer/client trust is based on relationship--miscommunication can be a huge problem for freelancers. Nearly every freelancer eventually faces a communication problem with a client. Even those of us who specialize in clear communication sometimes have problems. In this post, I'll describe some steps that every … [Read more...]

What Hoops Will You Jump Through for Your Clients?

We freelancers go to great lengths to keep our clients happy. After all, we want to be known for providing excellent customer service. So we usually do our best to meet client requests--even that means jumping through some hoops to keep the client satisfied. However, some customer requests are just plain unreasonable. This post describes some "hoops" that aren't worth jumping through--even to make a client … [Read more...]

First-Class Service: How to Spot What Clients Really Need

Miscommunication is a peril that we have to work to avoid in our daily lives not just as freelancers, but as people. Often you may think you've successfully communicated with someone and understood what it is that they want or expect and it is not until much later on that you realize what they said and what they really want are not one and the same. Maybe you have experienced this with a client while setting … [Read more...]