All About Deadlines

Probably nothing else in the freelancing experience creates as much stress as deadlines. If a freelancer tells you they are up against a deadline, then you know that it's time to back off and give them some space so that they can get your work done. We all have deadlines, but we rarely talk about them. Yet, there's quite a lot to talk about. In this post, we'll look at deadlines from various angles … [Read more...]

Get Inside Your Client’s Mind

Wouldn't freelancing be so much easier if we could read our clients' minds? Then we wouldn't need to hem and haw about our quotations, worrying if our fees are too high or that our clients can't afford them. Or too low so that we look like sub-par freelancers. Neither would we second-guess our work, wasting precious minutes and energy wondering if it's good enough. If we could read our clients' minds we … [Read more...]

The Freelancer’s Holiday and Year-end Dilemmas Revisited

The holiday season should be a time of happiness and joy, but for many freelancers the holiday season brings with it some freelancing dilemmas. If you've freelanced through a holiday season before, you may already be asking yourself, "what am I going to do about the holidays this year?" That's right. It's that time of the year! We've reached another year-end. (I hope your freelancing business did well this … [Read more...]

How Flaky Freelancers Destroy Golden Opportunities

Getting started as a freelancer online isn’t easy. You start by building a website, and showcasing your work. But you don’t have any traffic, so you make your way over to the online freelance boards like eLance, oDesk and 99Designs. And finding work for decent pay is a lot harder than the online job boards make it out to be. Sure, you’re really good at what you do, but you don’t have much of a portfolio … [Read more...]

Want More Gigs? Try Walking in Your Client’s Shoes…

Would you like to get more repeat business, positive references, referrals, and be genuinely appreciated by your clients? Of course you would. What freelancer wouldn't like to get more gigs? Even if you are very busy right now, it's always good to get a positive reference from a client. But how can you accomplish this? How can you get more business from clients and make a favorable impression on … [Read more...]

8 Reasons Freelancers Should Charge More Than Employees

One of the biggest issues that beginner freelancers face is deciding how much to charge their clients. It can be difficult to decide how much to bill for your work. While it is something you do figure out with time, you have to start somewhere. A piece of sound advice is to decide how much you need to make in a year to be happy (taking expenditures into account), estimate the number of billable hours you … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Have You Been Hired by Another Freelancer?

Freelancers get to work for all different types of clients. There are good clients, bad clients, large clients, and small clients--to name just a few. You name a type of business, and a freelancer has probably worked with them at some point. However, in this post I'd like to shift the focus a bit. What I've been wondering is this: … [Read more...]

Two Great Reasons to Fire Your “Good” Clients

This was a banner year for me as a freelance writer—it was the year I started firing clients. And not just the ones who were difficult, unreasonable, or downright rude. Severing those types of relationships should be a no-brainer if you’re going to maintain your sanity as a freelancer. This year, I went one step further and found the courage to fire the ones who—although perfectly civil, reliable, and easy … [Read more...]

Don’t Hate Me Because I’m a Freelancer

The freelancing lifestyle, while flexible, involves a lot of hard work. But despite all that hard work freelancers get a bad rap sometimes. So much so, that some freelancers have actually stopped using the word "freelance" to describe themselves because they believe that it has negative connotations. Instead they use terms like consultant, independent professional, and creative entrepreneur. In this … [Read more...]

The Great Freelancer Pricing War

It's a war out there--or at least it can feel like one when it comes to the prices freelancers charge for their services. If you've ever had a client balk at the price you are asking for your work, then you can probably relate to this post. The purpose of this post is NOT to tell you how you should decide to charge your clients or how much you should charge. There are plenty of posts out there for that … [Read more...]