5 Ways to Get Web Content from Your Client on Time

It’s an all-too-common problem we designers face. You’ve laid out the brochure, or built the website, set up the database and integrated your CMS of choice, but you’re still faced with page after page of “Lorem ipsum…” where the client’s copy should be. This then impacts on your next project, since when the copy eventually does show up, you need to revisit a job you should have put to bed weeks ago. In … [Read more...]

How to Deal with Bizarre Content Requests as a Freelance Writer

While writers are often stereotyped as being antisocial and bizarre, sometimes the work writers are assigned is even more so. As a writer, offbeat requests can include interviewing artists nonstop at a concert without any scheduled breaks, being asked to change a write-up of an interviewee just to keep the peace, writing about an uncomfortable topic, or writing about something you've never even heard of. … [Read more...]

10 Steps to the Perfect Client Meeting

You've scheduled your very first client meeting and now you're nervous. Will the meeting go well? Of course, there's no way to know for sure if your meeting will succeed, but there are some steps you can take to stack the odds in your favor. In this post, I share ten (fairly) easy steps to help you prepare for the perfect client (or prospective client) meeting. … [Read more...]

Freelance Strategies for the Karma Economy

Nice guys finish... first? That’s the question that we all wonder when we hear about phenomena like the “Thank You Economy”--does this mean that the best way to rise to the top is to be a nice guy? Sure, we’ve all heard anecdotes about very successful people like Leo Babauta and Brian Clark, who have earned reputations as super-nice people. And there are also examples like Donald Trump and Dan Kennedy, … [Read more...]

Freelancing Doesn’t Mean Working for Free

For the countless individuals who either freelance on the side or do it full-time to support themselves and/or their families, there are many advantages and some disadvantages that go with the territory. Advantages include being able to work for yourself, set your own schedule, and build a portfolio of work that can be used to gain a full-time job (should you so choose). On the down side, freelancers face … [Read more...]

Reasons to Fire Your Client

It's something we don't like to admit very often is it? No matter how great of a freelancer we are, no matter how fantastic your contracts and vetting process is, you'll ultimately end up with a client you feel that you can no longer work with. Hopefully, you've protected yourself so that these occurrences are rare, but no matter how rare, they're never easy nor pretty. As well as I think my personal vetting … [Read more...]

Top 5 Problems Clients Have with Freelancers–Solved!

Anybody who wants to become a freelancer needs to know and accept that freelancing is a job--a very serious job that requires dedication. Freelancers need to give the same amount of time and dedication to freelancing (in fact more) that they would give to a regular office job. If all freelancers realized the importance of freelancing, it would have grown to be a widely respected and accepted profession. … [Read more...]

Ten Rude Twitter Habits to Break Today

Many freelancers enjoy connecting on Twitter. It's a simple application that's easy to learn, yet it has a huge number of apps that can be added to expand its functionality. Plus, most freelancing specialties have a large Twitter community. From personal experience, I know that there's a large writing community on Twitter. I know that there is also a large design community there as well as communities for … [Read more...]

How to Become an Irresistible Freelancer

Have you ever thought about how "irresistible" you are as a freelancer? When you're irresistible then prospects are excited to work with you. They hire you even if you're more expensive than your competitors. And then, after they've worked with you, your clients keep coming back to you for more. They rarely complain, they trust you and give you the benefit of the doubt, and they give you plenty of positive … [Read more...]