Open Thread: Do You Already Have a Twitter Newspaper?

It seems that Twitter newspapers are popping up everywhere these days. Typically, a Twitter newspaper uses a service like to compile tweets from a particular Twitter user's account according to parameters defined by that user. The user can use popular Twitter features such as Twitter lists and hashtags to control what content appears in the newspaper. … [Read more...]

Freelancers and Volunteering: Waste of Time or Valuable Marketing Strategy?

Some freelancers swear by volunteering as a way to start getting paying clients. On the other hand, some freelancers say volunteering has been a huge waste of time, that they felt taken advantage of, and had nothing to show for it. As with most things, volunteering can be good or bad. It depends on how you do it. … [Read more...]

Why Freelancers Should Get Published

At the recent International Freelancers Day virtual conference, one theme that struck me was the importance of creating and publishing content. Many of the experts discussed, in various angles, why getting published would be good for freelancers. Anne Handley's presentation, Content Rules, was in fact all about content and how to create it well. Day Poynter talked about writing a book and getting published. … [Read more...]

10 Essential Pages in Your Freelance Site

I saw something interesting on my Twitter stream the other day: "Your blog is the new resume." How true! Everyone is so web savvy nowadays that we know we can get the dish on anybody by Googling their name. Even if your prospects don't have online businesses, they know that they can easily find out more about you on the Internet. And, what are they likely to find? Embarrassing photos in Facebook? Less … [Read more...]

Networking 101 (Plus 15 Great Freelance Networking Strategies)

Networking is essential to freelancers. Through networking, we build relationships with individuals and companies that may eventually become our clients. Many freelancers have the wrong idea about networking, though. They want instant results. In this post, we'll define networking, correct any misperceptions that you may have about networking, and list 15 networking strategies that you might not be aware … [Read more...]

5 Tips for the Initial Client Sales Call

The most important discussion you'll have with any client is the first. They tell you about their project, you talk about your process, and at the end, both of you should have a good idea about if working together makes sense. Usually, this first client/freelancer discussion occurs during the sales call. That first sales call can be difficult for the unprepared freelancer. How do you make the most out of … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Twitter

I've found that one of the fastest ways of getting your name out there is to use Twitter. Without it, I think I'd still be struggling to find work and other freelancers who I've come to depend on for sharing work. I know some of you are still skeptics as to how social media can do anything for your business. I assure you the few minutes spent on Twitter throughout the day are well worth it. Thanks to the … [Read more...]

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Personal Projects Any Longer

You've heard it time and time again, personal projects are almost a necessity as a freelance web professional. In this post, we'll explain (once more) why personal projects are important for freelancers. We'll also brainstorm with you on how to get started on a personal project of your own. Finally, we'll give you some tips on how to monetize your project. … [Read more...]

15 Brilliant Tips to Help You Earn More

I often hear freelancers say they'd love to earn more money. They want more clients. More passive income. More revenues. And frankly, who doesn't want more money? The more money we have, the more we can have what we want from life, whether that means more free time, more cool gadgets, a better house… you name it! Earning more money isn't always that easy, though, and sometimes it seems like freelancers … [Read more...]