How to Upsell Without Being Obnoxious

Upselling is a great way to increase your profits as a freelancer--if it's done right. Upselling means selling additional products and services to your existing clients or convincing them to upgrade their current purchase to a more expensive purchase. If a fast food clerk has ever asked you if you "want fries with that," then you've experienced an upsell. Upselling is common for both service-based and retail … [Read more...]

14 Essential Elements of a Good Freelancing Blog

Do you know how to create an effective freelancing blog? While most seasoned freelancers know that blogging is an important way to promote their freelancing business, quite a few freelancers don't have any idea how to create an effective freelancing blog. You see, freelancing blogs are unique. While freelancing blogs are business blogs, they are not like corporate blogs. Nor are they like commercial … [Read more...]

Massive Discounts on Stock Photos

As freelancers, we need a constant stream of quality resources to help our work. Our friends at MightyDeals are currently featuring a great deal for stock photos which we think you will love. If you don't know about Depositphotos yet, it has become the fastest-growing microstock agency with a collection of more than 8 million images. They work with the best contributors, including Yuri Arcurs, Andres … [Read more...]

The One Question Your Prospects Really Want You to Answer

Many freelancers struggle to get new clients. You may be facing this struggle right now. In fact, "How Do I Get Clients?" is one of the most frequently asked questions that freelancers ask. So, if you're a freelancer who is struggling with the very real problem of getting clients, know that you're not alone. There are many effective tactics that you can use to find new clients, but in the end it all boils … [Read more...]

When Should You Specialize Your Freelancing Business?

As a freelancer, should you become more specialized? A regular debate topic that crops up often among freelancers is whether freelancers should specialize or offer general services in their field. In fact, the idea of specialization appeals to many freelancers. In this post, we'll take another look at being a specialist versus being a generalist. We'll also identify some situations where it makes more … [Read more...]

10 Painful Mistakes that Cost You Freelancing Work

Do you know why you lose gigs? If you're like most of us, you probably don't know. The truth is that most freelancers have no idea why they lose a client or why they don't get a gig. There are plenty of freelancing mistakes that can cost you work. Happily, most of these mistakes can be avoided. Making mistakes in the process of finding work can be painful. As freelancers, we count on a steady stream of … [Read more...]

21 Freelancing Social Media Faux Pas

You've heard how wonderful a tool social media is for freelancers. For little to no cost and a minimal time commitment you can find exposure for your freelancing business that used to be beyond the reach of most solo professionals. But don't take social media too lightly. To get results, you need to learn to use it effectively. Sadly, many freelancing professionals fail to get the kind of results they would … [Read more...]

Why Blogs are Still Important for Freelancers

Do freelancers need to have a blog for their freelancing business? Several years ago, we published a post explaining the benefits of having a freelancer blog. While the points in the original post are still valid, there is still a lively debate about whether blogs are worthwhile for freelancers. Today, more than ever, some freelancers (and others) are turning to social media to create long, blog-like … [Read more...]

20 Excellent Tips for Getting Your First Freelancing Gig

It's an exciting time! After weeks of wavering, you've finally decided to become a freelancer. You've got the skills. Maybe you've even set up a freelancing website already. You're ready and willing--but there are no clients in sight. Now what do you do? This post gives you twenty tips for finding that elusive first freelancing project. … [Read more...]

How to Get More Freelancing Visibility

There's a simple answer to the question of why you don't have more clients. Your potential clients don't know that you exist. While many freelancers don't think much about how easily they can be found by their prospects, all freelancers should consider visibility. Your freelancing ability affects whether or not you attract new clients. If your prospective clients can't find you, then they can't hire you. … [Read more...]