How Much Money Can You Earn as a Freelancer?

"How much can you earn as a freelancer?" I'm probably asked this question more than any other question when people hear what I do for a living. It's also a question I dread because there's no set answer and there are certainly no guarantees. When I worked in a corporate job, I could easily give a salary range for what I did. I could even state my exact salary if I wanted to. As a freelancer, it's not … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Freelancers, Which One Are You?

It's no secret that different freelancers favor different approaches to running their freelance businesses. Each approach has its own unique challenges, drawbacks, and benefits. In this post, I'll be profiling two different approaches to freelancing and discussing the challenges, drawbacks, and benefits of each approach. … [Read more...]

Surprise! Freelancers Aren’t Really Alone

The lone freelancer, huddled over a keyboard day after day in an empty home office... He, or she, is totally isolated and rarely makes human contact. The lonely freelancer may even be in danger of losing his or her social skills. At least, that's the popular perception. Freelancing and being isolated just seem to go together. Some people are even attracted to freelancing specifically because they think … [Read more...]

20 Pricing Principles for Freelancers

"How much do you charge?" If you're a freelancer, you've been asked that question before. You may not have known what to say, or you may not have been comfortable with the price you quoted. That's because pricing our services is one of the toughest issues that freelancers face. No one seems to agree about pricing. There's a lot of opinions out there and many of them contradict each other. What's a … [Read more...]

Why Your Freelancing Business Must Have a Brand

Too many freelancers operate as just another nameless, faceless resource in crowded market. They don't stand for anything and they haven't distinguished themselves from the thousands of other freelancers who are out there and competing for the same work. Then, they wonder why they have no clients. But, if you don't stand out from the other freelancers, is it really a surprise if you have trouble finding … [Read more...]

The Freelancer’s Ultimate Introduction to Google+ Hangouts

Google+ provides some interesting tools for freelancers, including Google+ Brand Pages. Another aspect of Google+ that freelancers should consider is the Hangouts feature. Google+ Hangouts is one of the most interesting social media tools currently available for freelancers (and others). It is also one of the unique Google+ features that helps to distinguish Google+ from other social media tools. If you're … [Read more...]

Does Your Freelance Business Have the “Wow” Factor?

There are thousands of freelancers out there. How can your freelancing business possibly compete? You need something different--something better than what other freelancers offer. Your business needs that special something that makes a prospect pause and think to themselves, "I have to do business with this freelancer." We've talked about the importance of having a unique selling propositon (USP) before. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Clients Buy from Freelancers

Sales is a vital part of freelancing. Whether you're offering your services or a product such as an eBook or WordPress theme, if you can't sell then you won't get any clients. So, every freelancer should learn more about sales. In this post, we'll talk specifically about the reasons that many clients decide to make a purchase. We'll also talk about how you can use the information you learn about your … [Read more...]

Why Freelancers Need Content Too

If you've spent any amount of time online recently, you've probably noticed the flurry of posts about content. Nearly all of the posts point out that content is important for anyone doing business online. Guess what? All those posts are right. (Well, mostly right.) Content IS very important if you want to do business online--and that includes most of us freelancers, too. Of course, content is not the only … [Read more...]

Plan a Marketing Strategy for your Freelance Career

Going the freelance route can be quite an exhilarating process. You drop the 9-to-5 workday in exchange for a whole lot more freedom and independence. But with this job track also comes the burden of management. Personal branding and marketing is a big part of growing your own freelance business. You need to get your name out there into the world and hopefully reel in a few clients. It can be difficult, but I … [Read more...]