New Freelance Job Site AwesomeWeb Launches

AwesomeWeb is the latest freelance job site to enter the market. It is a “marriage” of the teams behind 1stWebDesigner and IncomeDiary. They claim AwesomeWeb is an attractive alternative to the existing freelance job sites out there. How? By matching a select group of web designers and developers to higher quality projects.  In theory, it is a win/win situation. Freelancers can find better projects/clients and … [Read more...]

Automate Processes – Impress Your Clients by Using Zapier

What would you say is something that your clients really appreciate about you? Are you a talented web designer? Do they think your prices are fantastic? Do you have their sites up and running faster than expected?  These are all traits of an excellent freelance web designer! But what if you could add this one… “I save countless hours of valuable time for my clients.” Promise Your Clients Even More As … [Read more...]

Build and Grow Your Client List with Sortfolio

Your business is an investment and your work makes up your portfolio… right? So, how do you get work? From your clients of course! As a freelancer, your ability to get clients can truly make or break your business. One of the fastest ways to gain clients is to drive more and more traffic to your freelance website. Obviously, there are hundreds of ways to make that happen, but today, let’s examine one … [Read more...]

Does Your Freelance Website Pass The 5 Second Test?

1… 2… 3… 4… 5… Five seconds. That’s the amount of time you have to grab your visitors’ attention on your freelance website. Yep, you read that correctly… Only five seconds! Studies have proven over and over that most visitors truly are surfing. They are rapidly clicking from one site to another until they find the perfect solution to their problem. With so many sites and so much information available, they … [Read more...]

Boost Your Freelance Business With Email Marketing

Email marketing consistently produces the biggest Return On Investment (ROI) for small businesses. According to the Direct Marketing Association, businesses average a return of $40.21 for every dollar spent on email marketing. It has played a key part in the success of my websites over the years and I want to show you how to both to increase your freelance business and to increase your own ROI. Most … [Read more...]

Free Webinar: 5 Stages of Your Freelance Business

Tuesday, March 11th from 1:20 to 1:40 p.m. CST (that's right, just 20 minutes) I will be hosting a free live online training class, and I wanted to give you all the details. UPDATE: We have added a second webinar to give you another day and time to attend. Same webinar, on Thursday, March 13th at 7:20 p.m. CST. The class is titled The Five Stages of Your Freelance Business, and it will cover a lot of … [Read more...]

New Workshop: How To Get More Clients

Last month we hosted our first workshop here on Freelance Folder and it was a huge success. We had a wide variety of freelancers participate, which made for a lot of creative energy on the call and a fun Q&A session. If you have been struggling to get your freelance business off the ground or if you simply have not seen the growth you were hoping for, its time to take action. Here are all the … [Read more...]

An Exclusive iStock Promo Code for Freelancers – March 2014

Our friends at iStock reached out to us and let us know about a special promo code they are running for Freelancers. Now through March, new users get 14% off all iStock credit packs! Click on the button below access the promo code. Then create an iStock account and copy and paste it in the promo code box when you check out. Additionally existing uses can use this other code to save 8% off any credit back. … [Read more...]

20 Best Flat Design Templates

A website is only as interesting as its design renders it. We’ve all had the pleasure of knowing just how engaging flat design is, and that the web community hasn’t just relied heavily on this style over the past year - but still continues to support the trend with mounting enthusiasm. If you’re smart, then you, too, will continue to use this type of design in the making of your next websites. It’s a … [Read more...]

Get More Clients: Last Call For Early Bird Pricing!

Today's post is a quick reminder that our first ever Freelance Folder Live Workshop is quickly approaching!! Because of that, early bird pricing will end at midnight, Thursday, January 30, 2014. That's why, if you haven't seen our video about getting more clients, you should watch it here now: Then, if you want more clients, a river of leads, and to save $100 with early bird pricing, go here for the … [Read more...]