Open Thread: How Long Have You Been a Freelancer?

Freelance Folder attracts a wide variety of freelancers. There are freelance web developers, freelance designers, freelancer writers, freelance translators, and even freelance photographers. But, as varied as we are in our professions, we're also varied in our experience level. Some of us are just getting started (or maybe even still thinking about freelancing). Others of us have been freelancing for years … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Do You Already Have a Twitter Newspaper?

It seems that Twitter newspapers are popping up everywhere these days. Typically, a Twitter newspaper uses a service like to compile tweets from a particular Twitter user's account according to parameters defined by that user. The user can use popular Twitter features such as Twitter lists and hashtags to control what content appears in the newspaper. … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Why Are You Here?

At Freelance Folder we love our freelancing audience, and strive to help them succeed in whatever ways that we can. That's why we offer a broad variety of resources such as the Forums, Facebook Fan Page, eBooks, and Wordpress theme. We hope that you are making the most of what we have to offer. However, we're also aware that people come here for different reasons. Some freelancers are just getting … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Where Are Most of Your Clients Located?

Are your clients mostly local, are they mostly international, or both? How do you adjust your business practices to accommodate where your clients are? From comments I've read on our forum, Facebook fan page, and blog posts it seems that many freelancers work mostly with people in their local area. Even though we all have an Internet presence, it seems like many prefer to work with clients who are located … [Read more...]

Open Thread: What Is Your Biggest Freelancing Struggle?

Freelancing is great lifestyle--you get to pick your hours, your clients, and your projects. You can work at home in your pajamas (or sweats) and you are constantly learning new things. But, freelancing can also be challenging. Freelancers face many potential struggles--such as where to find your clients, how to manage your time, what to do when you get sick, and more. Of course, part of the fun of … [Read more...]

Open Thread: What Are Your Favorite Books About Freelancing?

Recently, Amber shared a list of 35 Books All Freelance Web Developers Should Read. Her list is a great resource for web developers. In fact, I love to read. I always have a book that I'm in the middle of reading, or am about to read. Often, the books I read are about freelancing, but sometimes I just pick a book for fun. However, Amber's post got me wondering what books about freelancing our blog readers … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Do You Ever Work for Free?

As freelancers, we need to earn a profit or we'll go out of business. But, if you're like me you also get a lot of requests from people who want you to do work for them for free. Sometimes, they offer something or some service in exchange (barter), but most often they simply want us to do something for them because they can't afford to pay for our regular services. … [Read more...]

Open Thread: What Do You Get from Freelance Folder?

Usually in these open threads, we ask questions of general interest to all freelancers. Today, it's a little different. Today, we'd like you to share with us what you get from Freelance Folder. In other words, why do you come here? Over the years, we've grown. We know have over 25,000 subscribers, over 4,500 Facebook fans, and over 11,000 Twitter followers. The site is also home to a strong freelance … [Read more...]