Why You Must Keep Up in Your Field

Freelancing is not just a part-time job any more. Freelancing has turned into a full-time venture that requires just as much consistency, dedication, and responsibility as any other job. In fact, freelancers ought to be one step ahead of the typical worker because when somebody hires a freelancer they expect them to be an expert in their respective field. A client may not ask you to furnish particular … [Read more...]

5 Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Do you find that you’re constantly up against the clock? Is managing your work / life balance an ongoing battle? Freelancers frequently find the main barrier to developing and growing their client base is their own time. William Penn, businessman and philosopher said “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst,” few of us would argue with this sentiment. Even in this day and age of technological … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Freelancing Burnout

Here at Freelance Folder, we've talked a lot about freelancing burnout, from the warning signs of burnout to balancing freelancing with a full-time job without burning out. In this post, I'd like to explore the many ways we can avoid burning out in the first place. Work burnout is a physical, mental and psychological state of exhaustion. The name says a lot about what it feels like. When you're burnt out, … [Read more...]

5 Surprising Causes of Creative Block and How to Overcome Them

Most freelancers depend on their creativity for their livelihood. Freelance writers, designers, artists, photographers, and even web developers and programmers all rely on creative thinking to perform their jobs. However, once in a while a freelancer finds that their creativity (that same creativity they've been relying on to earn an income) just isn't there. The ideas just aren't flowing like they used to. … [Read more...]

10 Home Office Time Savers

Working from home is one of my favorite things about being a freelancer. However, it can end up being a distraction if you're not careful. There have been plenty of times that the whole day has gone by before I even got started working--simply because I decided to play around the house or on the internet. While it's okay to do this from time-to-time, it's not okay on a regular basis, your projects either … [Read more...]

How to Work with a Virtual Assistant: A Guide for Freelancers

As business owners, freelancers will at some point consider working with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is similar to the traditional office or administrative assistant. However, the main difference is that a virtual assistant doesn't have to be physically present in your freelancing home office. You may work with one for years and never meet him or her face to face. Why would a freelancer need a … [Read more...]

How to Make the Most of Google Alerts

As a freelancer, your business revolves around the online world. From working with online companies to keeping up with the latest trends, you would likely be lost without the assistance of online searches. However, while you may depend on internet searches to remain a successful freelancer, you may not be using searches in the best or most efficient manner. Specifically if you haven't yet harnessed the power … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Always Be Highly Motivated

Work for me is not work. Why? Because I love what I do. Sure, I expend effort. I’m up early, before the rest of my colleagues, creating, planning and strategizing. Even as I prepare this article I am seated in one of a few of my favorite cafes at 7 a.m., as is my habit, writing. I’ll be at my office around 8.30 a.m., and before I get there I will have already written yet another ‘winning’ article designed … [Read more...]

How to Find and Use the Information You Really Need

Overcoming information overload is a huge challenge for most freelancers. Let's face it, we're all exposed to far more information that we can practically absorb or apply. Having too much information has become even more of a problem then when I first wrote about it a few years ago. The Internet is vast and growing. Freelancers have more information available to them than ever before. The popularity of … [Read more...]

Kill Your To-Do List

We’re all well acquainted with the concept of the to-do list. Whether or not we get along with them is another matter entirely. Sometimes to-do lists just don’t cut it, and at the end of the day, the checked boxes are buried amongst all the empty ones. Well, gee, if that isn’t a morale boost, I just don’t know what is. In this post, I'll discuss a to-do list alternative--The Single Day Schedule. I'll … [Read more...]