A Freelancer’s Guide to Cloud Hosting Versus Geo Hosting

If you're new to freelancing or are just beginning your online business, you probably started off or are still hosting websites on a shared hosting plan. This is a type of geo hosting that basically consists of renting space on a physical web server (which provides the means of putting your website(s) securely online) that resides in a certain geographic location from a hosting company. But have you … [Read more...]

8 Web Development Mistakes that Make Any Site Look Bad

Whether you're a developer, a designer or just an entrepreneur, a professional website is nearly impossible to do business without. While most people spend endless amounts of time to get the design of the site just right, most people don't even pay attention to what's behind that design. Unfortunately no matter how awesome your website looks in the front-end, bad development can ruin your visitors' experience … [Read more...]

8+ Stereotypes about Freelance Web Developers–Busted

Every industry has its share of stereotypes and web developers aren't an exception. While poking fun of these stereotypes amongst ourselves is a fun pastime, it can quickly get out of hand when it's a client or someone outside the development industry who becomes biased thanks to them. Just like everything else, freelance web developers aren't the same by any means. We're so completely different from each … [Read more...]

What Happens When the Website You Are Working on Blows Up?

It's every developer's nightmare. You finally get approval from the client to go live and launch the client's website and then BOOM! Something happens and the whole site blows up. I recently had this scenario happen. Thankfully, the site wasn't live yet, but the client still expected me to fix the site, with no offer of extra payment, even though I wasn't the one who blew up the site. There's no doubt … [Read more...]

Which Content Management System Should You Focus On?

The web is a fantastic place filled with everything anyone could ever want. The problem becomes though, is that there can be too much to choose from and we often suffer from choice paralysis--where we freeze up and are unable to choose anything at all. Choice is not something lacking in the development world either and because of this, it's important to choose one or two platforms to focus on otherwise you … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Productivity Using Agile Techniques

Improved productivity is the goal of every freelancer. Ever since I started my one-man business, I have looked for ways to improve my productivity and get things done faster. There were a couple of methods that seemed to lead to small improvements, but overall none of them proved efficient. That is, until I discovered agile techniques. In this post, I'll discuss some of the ways that agile techniques can … [Read more...]

Making Your Code as Beautiful as the Design Itself

A website's design gets all the glory. When someone visits a site, you'll hear them talk about how awesome the design is--but, do you ever hear someone talk about how awesome the code is? Never! Regular people can't see code, nor do they care to see it or what it looks like. It's precisely this reason that there's so much ugly code in the web world today. People don't see it so developers don't believe that … [Read more...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development

The web development field offers a variety of languages from front-end development, like HTML, CSS and Javascript, to back-end programming, like PHP, ASP and Ruby on Rails. So how do you start learning how to code? In this post, I want to offer a variety of great tips on beginning your journey to learning web code. At the end of the post, I want to share a simple site structure with you to get started in HTML … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Increase Traffic By Changing Your Code

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a very complicated science. While no one knows exactly how Google ranks websites, we do have a lot of proven techniques. Good SEO depends on several factors in your website, but when you usually think of SEO, you probably think of dealing with content and inward links. But did you know that there are several ways to improve your traffic and SEO by changing your code? … [Read more...]

20 Must-Read Blogs for Freelance Developers

With all of the other must-read lists here on freelance folder, I don't think it would be fair to leave out the amazing developers who are regular readers. This post contains 20 must-read blogs for freelance developers, from php to jquery, ruby on rails, css and general web development. With all of the regular articles and tutorials being posted on these blogs, it's easy for a beginner developer (or even a … [Read more...]