Twitter For Freelancers (A Basic Overview)

If you spend any time online at all, you’ve probably already heard of a social media site called Twitter. Twitter is quickly becoming mainstream, and is growing at an incredible pace. In the past month alone it's been mentioned on radio commercials, in a television advertisements, and I've even heard non-internet savvy friends discussing it. Many popular celebrities are tweeting these days. Some of you … [Read more...]

15 Firefox Add-Ons to Tame Social Media Addicts

Freelancers and web workers have it really hard. People think it's all fun and games sitting on a chair and working at home all day, but man, do we have to keep ourselves focused. It's easy to get side tracked quite a bit with a social media or news addiction, and not to mention the urge to check email every twenty minutes or so. To keep my mind from wandering excessively on the web I use quite a few Firefox … [Read more...]

20 Must-Read Blogs for Online Entrepreneurs

One of the most important parts of being an online entrepreneur is maintaining an intellectual edge. Those who work and start businesses on the web are always learning, always watching other businesses, and always looking for new sources of information. The goal of this list is to provide that -- 20 useful, thought-provoking, and potentially lucrative sources of news and ideas. Each of these blogs are run by … [Read more...]

7 Productivity Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

There are only so many hours in a day, so as freelancers it is wise for us to use the time we do have effectively. From keyboard shortcuts to limiting outside distractions, we all have our own ways of speeding up the work involved in certain tasks. Personally, my day can consist of a number of different tasks including web development, logo design, research, reporting and quite often...writing. While I love … [Read more...]

15 Applications No Online Business Can Live Without

If you're running an online business, and probably even if you aren't, there are some online tools that you need to know about. Not all of these tools are a necessity for every business, but no matter what you're in, there are sure to be tools below that you know you should be using. The applications on this list didn't get here because they look pretty. They got here because millions of freelancers have … [Read more...]

25 Sites to Find Good Free Vector Files

Finding the right piece of vector art for your project is never an easy task. Trying to find the right vector for free is an even harder one. Luckily for us, in this digital and open source age, there are quite a few resources floating around the web that make the search a little easier. There is an ever growing number of websites that focus on nothing but free vector graphics. Some of these sites are … [Read more...]

15 Websites To Sharpen Your Business Skills

From management, to marketing, to finances -- business skills of all varieties are critical to have in this economy and incredibly beneficial no matter what your situation. In this article we've collected 15 different websites that will help you sharpen your business skill set in a number of different ways. Each of these sites is an incredible source of information, and some of them are easily worth reading … [Read more...]

27 Indispensible Resources for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are always in a battle to create the best looking results in the least amount of time. Constantly trying to make these gorgeous, polished designs without spending an eternity creating them usually requires using some pre-built elements -- things like photoshop brushes, illustrator patterns, textures, etc... In this list, we've compiled some of the best brushes, patterns, textures, fonts, and … [Read more...]

Free Report: Why Some Freelancers Thrive and Others Barely Survive

Most of you know that freelancing can be an up-or-down business. Some people do really well from the start, and others, unfortunately, struggle for years before reaching their goals. So what's the difference between the successful freelancers and the unsuccessful ones? What makes one business work while another can't keep up? Those are the answers we've put together in this free report, along with other … [Read more...]

70 Tools Freelancers Rely on Most

As freelancers, we belong to a broad group of people: writers, designers, programmers, consultants, etc. Despite our variety, though, we all use similar tools on a regular basis. A little while back, when we first launched the forums, someone started a thread to share all of the tools we each rely on most. After three pages of great responses, I decided to compile a list of the most used tools. To see the … [Read more...]