7+ Social Media Resources You Probably Should Be Using for Your Freelancing Business

Are you getting the most from your social media participation? Most experienced freelancers already understand the benefits of being involved in social media. They already know that social media is a great (and still mostly free) option for networking, getting the word out, and other types of marketing. But most freelancers don't really make the most of the social networks that they are in. Many social … [Read more...]

PrintRunner Contest Giveaway for 250 Coated Business Cards

How many of you are dying to put together a set of unique glossy business cards? It can be costly and often takes a lot of preparation. But today we are offering one lucky participant a chance to win a 250 bundle print of business cards from PrintRunner.com. We’ll be running this contest all week and will announce the winner sometime by the end of August. To enter just leave a comment on this post and we’ll … [Read more...]

Five Tips to Search for Companies Online

Whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer, chances are you stand to gain a lot from conducting a search for companies online somewhere like Duedil. A good question to focus your queries before you start is, what kind of information could improve your decisions? If you’re a freelancer, you might be hoping to avoid a horror story client, researching compensation rates in your market, or even … [Read more...]

18 Plus Free Mobile Apps for Freelancers

Freelancing and mobile technology means that you're not tied to a desk any longer. You can work from virtually anywhere if you have the right mobile tools. So, go ahead. Take that trip you've been planning. Stay away from home that extra day. Your freelance business doesn't have to suffer when you are gone. In this post, I'll share 18 great tools for mobile freelancers that also happen to be free. I'll … [Read more...]

Don’t Overlook these 5 Great Free Resources at Your Local Library

Freelancers often overlook the resources available to them at their local library. This is a shame, because most library resources are free to library cardholders. You may remember the library as the place where you did research for your school assignments, but there's a lot more to most libraries these days. In this post, I share a few free resources from the library that freelancers will find helpful. … [Read more...]

18 Great Resources to Help You Learn More About Photography

Whether you're a freelance photographer or just a freelancer who wants to learn more about photography, you'll find a resource you can use in this great list. One of things that I've discovered is that there are a huge number of photography resources out there. In this post I've tried to pull some of those resources together for you. I've put together a list of some of the most popular and helpful sites … [Read more...]

20+ CRM Tools for Freelancers

How do you keep track of your business contacts? You know that it's important to build relationships with your clients and prospects, but to be honest; you have trouble keeping track of them. What if there was a tool that could help jog your memory about your clients and contacts and keep track of your last contact? That would save you time and possibly help you get more projects, right? Well, guess … [Read more...]

35+ of Your Favorite Software Tools

What software tools do freelancers love to use? Whether you're a seasoned freelancer, or just getting started, there's a tool that is right for you. We've written plenty of posts about resources for freelancers. A few months ago, however, we asked you to share your favorite software tools. Many of you did just that. In this post, we list those software tools that you said you loved in one convenient … [Read more...]

10 Brand New Productivity Tools You Probably Missed

Freelancers may have more of a need than other business owners to access data on the go, and from more than one platform. Productivity tools in the cloud offer a great way to address the issue of unknown source accessibility, especially when they are designed to sync between various devices, such as PC, tablets and smartphones. Because there are already several articles at Freelance Folder featuring … [Read more...]

10 Great Conferencing Apps for Freelancers

Conferencing can be a great tool for freelancers. You can get on a conference call with a prospect to walk them through a proposal. (Whenever I do this, the prospect gets excited to work with me). You can also use telephone or video conferencing to collaborate with clients and other outsourced staff on joint projects, such as a website, an article, or even a logo design. You can even set up training through … [Read more...]