Tips on Using a Website Builder to Create Your Professional Website

Finding new clients is an inevitable part of being a freelancer, but it can be even more time-consuming when you are not yet established. The phone, email, word-of-mouth, and networking are all tools for client acquisition. But, a website is the only channel that continues to attract clients while you sleep and underpins all your other marketing efforts. Many freelancers I speak to say maintaining a blog is … [Read more...]

12 Gifts Most Freelance Designers Only Dare to Dream About

Sure, there are a number of items you could purchase and wrap up to place beneath your beloved freelance designer's tree that would bring a smile to their face and warm their heart. Anyone can take a trip to the local art supply or computer store, or shop online for that perfect gift. I don't intend to discourage you from expressing your appreciation in such a wonderful way. But, if you'd like to blow the … [Read more...]

Unleash the Power of WordPress Using Plugin Combos

As you probably know, WordPress is best known for the way that you can easily add new functionality, thanks to the huge plugin repository. You’ll find a plugin for every use that you could possibly imagine. Did you know that by combining specific plugins, you can quickly specialize your WordPress installation or make it incredibly flexible and powerful, without doing any coding? In this post, I'll share … [Read more...]

13 Great Sites for WordPress Tips, Tutorials, and Hacks

WordPress has become one of, if not THE, most popular open source blogging and content management systems around. With over 25 million websites and blogs powered by this award-winning web software and a continuously expanding community of developers, designers and contributors, freelancers who have the skills and knowledge to create WordPress websites are in high demand. Over 90% of my own freelance business … [Read more...]

Can You Teach Yourself Web Design?

I recently received an email from someone who was interested in becoming a web designer. They wanted to know if they should go to school for it, or if it is possible to learn on your own. My answer, in short, was "Yes."  I am a completely self-taught web and graphic designer, so I know that it is possible to actually succeed in freelance web design from such humble roots. However, it has been quite an uphill … [Read more...]

9 Plugins Your Clients Will Love For Their WordPress Website

There are countless blog posts with lists of plugins for WordPress, including some great lists here on Freelance Folder, but this post focuses on plugins that will make your clients' experience in WordPress more enjoyable, easier to navigate, rich with important statistics and completely branded to match their website. For freelance web designers or WordPress consultants, taking a small amount of extra time to … [Read more...]

8 Great Apps that Every Freelance Developer Needs

Every freelancer has certain apps they use in their day-to-day business operations. Developers, especially, have to keep a tool belt full of useful apps that touch multiple areas in development, design, client management and billing. It's important not to let your apps rule your working life. If it's not quick enough, crashes all the time and is too pricey, perhaps you should think about switching to … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Portfolio Better Than the Competition’s Portfolio

Competition is fierce in the world of freelancing. In the clients' eyes, one of the few factors that differentiates you from the competition is the quality of your portfolio. While much of what makes up a portfolio is both subjective and based on personal preferences, there are still several surefire ways to distinguish yourself in the sea of freelancers. Let's takes a look at some ways you can make your … [Read more...]

10 More Essential Plugins Every WordPress Blog Should Have

WordPress is known for being one of the most powerful open-source blogging platforms today. Not only does it work great for blogs--it also functions as a regular content management system, which also makes WordPress one of the most popular platforms. One of the reasons that makes WordPress so popular is the free plugin community. Plugins are downloadable add-ons that enhance … [Read more...]

20 Inspiring Personal Portfolio Sites You Should Explore

When it comes to working online there is one thing that's more important than just about anything else -- a beautiful portfolio site. Showing off the best examples of your work is a must when you're trying to win clients online, and whether you are a designer, photographer, or writer, it is critical to have a central portfolio that can do just that. It's often tempting to throw up a free theme and get started … [Read more...]