10 Amazing Free Online Writing Courses

The decision to pursue your freelance career is a huge step. Congratulations! But... Now what? Where do you start? How do you know what resources are good and what resources aren't? Is every free report worth your time? Should you pay membership fees and dues to join forums? We have been exactly where you are! Don't stress. We've done a bit of research and have come up with a great list of free online … [Read more...]

27 Can’t Miss Content Ideas for Freelance Bloggers, Freelance Writers, and Other Freelancers

Content is hot. Everyone is talking about content marketing. If you're a freelance blogger or writer, content marketing is likely part of your job. But even other freelancers can benefit from a good content strategy. Unfortunately for some, to participate in content marketing, you must have some content to share. And coming up with new and creative ideas for content can be tough--even if the ideas are … [Read more...]

10 Key Points Freelance Content Writers Must Embrace Now to Compete in the Future

If you're a freelance content writer who is used to taking shortcuts, your future writing career may be in jeopardy. Here's why--freelance writing is undergoing a dramatic change. The changes are partly due to the more sophisticated search engine algorithms, which are increasingly able to identify poor quality content and spam. The changes are also due to the growing respect for and recognition of … [Read more...]

Finding the Time to Write

A few years ago I started my career as a full-time writer. The direction of my new job was not a surprise, since I have never wanted to do anything else for as long as I can remember. However, the way I started to freelance as well was something that just fell into my lap and was far from what I had originally expected to turn to. While the opportunity is an amazing one, and I would never choose to do … [Read more...]

7 Cs of Effective Web Writing–a Checklist for Freelance Writers

Freelance writers are common, but a relatively small percentage of these freelancers really understand their job and responsibilities. If truth be told, it may seem that anybody can write. This seems especially true for those with reasonable English comprehension (which is a given if English happens to be your first language). And even if English is not your first language, chances are that you may still … [Read more...]

Should You Do Ghostwriting?

If you're a freelance writer, you may have thought about adding ghostwriting to your freelance writing services. But, exactly what is ghostwriting? And, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing this type of writing? Is it ethical? Are such jobs available? If you're like many writers, you've heard of ghostwriting, but you don't really know a whole lot about it. In this post, I'll … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Build a Better Website

By now you realize how important your website is to promoting and marketing your freelancing business. Your business website positions you as an authoritative and skilled freelancer in your field. It captures leads into an automated email service or customer relations management software. It provides information to visitors who may be interested in hiring you. It answers their basic questions, so you don't … [Read more...]

20 Useful Tools and Resources for New Freelance Writers & Others

The huge variety of tools and resources available that can be useful to a writer just starting his or her freelance career can be overwhelming. The choice is so great that sometimes you just don’t know which tool to add to your writer's toolkit first. This post should help with that problem. However, it’s also worth noting that only a few of the software tools and other resources that are out there are … [Read more...]

Becoming a Better Freelance Writer–Lessons Learned from Failure

I started off with freelancing in college to pay the bills. The only jobs around campus paid too little, demanded too much. Since I had a minor in English literature, it was only fitting that I moonlight as a freelance writer (which also stoked my ambitions to become an author). This is my story of how I became a freelance writer and of what I learned in the process. … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why I Am a Little Wary of Freelance Writing as a Career Choice

I am an Internet Marketing expert by profession and a part-time freelance writer (though I limit myself to writing sales copy or blog posts for reputable blogs only). Even though I write just for the fun of it, when I compare the income and break it into hourly rates I find myself earning a little bit more as compared to what I’d get from an average SEO campaign for a small business (note that I am talking … [Read more...]