How to Become a Freelance Travel Writer

Freelance travel writing is as exciting a career as it is glamorous. If you love visiting new places and interacting with people from different cultures then this is a great career choice for you. Of course, a flair for descriptive writing is an important prerequisite too. A combination of these two factors gives you the perfect temperament for successful travel writing. But this is not all you need. … [Read more...]

Do You Study Before You Write?

When I first started freelancing, writing was not my path of choice. I thought to myself, "it’s a static, unattractive domain, which cannot give me the possibility to develop and grow into something better." Rather than write, I focused my attention on my primary skills (I work as a quality assurance specialist at a software company). But I soon found out that there weren’t too many jobs available for QA … [Read more...]

Stress and the Freelance Writer

Writing in itself is probably not a difficult job, except when it comes to writing for money (especially if you aren't a celebrated writer who bags huge bucks for a couple of articles, or editorials). When you're focused on small freelance writing jobs like writing articles, blog posts, or press releases, there are certain demands that you need to meet. In fact, freelance writing requires immense focus, … [Read more...]

How to Survive in the Crowded Freelance Writing Marketplace

There's no question that there are a lot of freelancers out there. Some people even wonder if there are too many freelancers. In particular, there seems to be an awful lot of freelance writers. If you're a freelance writer, you may be watching with concern as the news has leaked out that some of the largest online publications pay their writers very little (and some don't pay at all). You may even be … [Read more...]

When Clients Attack

OK, the title is probably a bit over-dramatic. I’m actually talking about the situation when a client disagrees with or criticizes your approach to a project. You’ve done the best you can, but the client isn’t happy. Sooner or later, a client 'attack' is something that happens to nearly every freelancer. As a freelancer, how do you deal with that delicate situation--without endangering the … [Read more...]

Why Your Writing Matters – and How You Can Improve

Maybe you're a freelance writer. But even if you're not--you're a designer, or a programmer, or a photographer, say--then your writing still matters. In this post, I'll explain why your writing is important (even if you're not a freelance writer). I'll also share nine quick tips that will help you improve your writing. … [Read more...]

Can You Really Teach Yourself to Be a Freelance Writer?

Somebody asked me this question recently: Can you teach yourself to be a freelance writer? Because I believe in the human potential, my answer is a resounding: "Yes!" Anybody with enough motivation and commitment can learn to become a freelance writer. Humans have accomplished much harder feats than this. However, bear in mind we're talking about two things here: teaching yourself writing, and teaching … [Read more...]

Tools to Help You Learn Copywriting (or Get Better at It)

Copywriting is an essential skill, not just for business, but for life. Even if you have no intention of making a living as a copywriter, it's worthwhile to learn how to communicate more persuasively. Copywriting is the use of words to sell. Copywriting techniques apply to both the written and the spoken word. Copywriters write the ads you see in magazines and newspapers, commercials you hear or hear … [Read more...]

The Difference between Fluff and Interesting Content

Freelance writing sounds like a great way to improve your writing and make some money on the side. Many people who are truly interested in writing choose freelancing, because it allows them to write on a variety of subjects and get paid for it. Unfortunately, the reality is that freelancing rarely gives you the opportunity to write interesting content, or let you choose your own subjects. Because of this, … [Read more...]

Seven Ways to Find Your Writing Niche

Having a well-defined niche is one of the best ways to become a profitable freelance writer. Instead of trying to cater to every possible client, you'll have a laser-focused package of services for an equally specific target market. As a result, you can command higher fees than the writer who writes anything for everyone. Need convincing that niching is best for you? Consider the medical field. Generalist … [Read more...]