Christmas Giveaway: 35 Easy-To-Win Gifts (Update: Winners!)

During the holiday season its important to do something special for the people you care about, and at FreelanceFolder our family is you guys — the readers, commenters, twitter followers and facebook fans who make up our corner of the internet.

As our way of saying thanks this year, we’re going to give out a bunch of stuff and make it really easy for anyone to win. There won’t be one enormous and very lucky winner, but hopefully a lot of happy people who get a little something.

Here’s what’s up for giveaway:

5 Winners — The Client Machine ($99 value)
10 Winners — The Unlimited Freelancer eBook ($29 value)
20 Winners — The Quick-Start Guide of Your Choice ($14 value)

To win one of these prizes all you need to do is leave a comment on one of our networks saying which prize you’d like and why. Full rules and commenting after the break. Update: Winners have been selected, read on for more!

Complete Rules (Contest Now Closed)

Winning a prize from this giveaway is very easy — all you need to do is leave a comment that says which prize you want and why you think you should win it. At the end of tomorrow night (12pm EST) we’ll close the giveaway and chose the winners based on what we think are the best answers. Facebook comments and tweets are also accepted, just make sure you are identifiable and we can easily find your tweet/comment or else we might miss it.

If you’ve purchased one of these items in the past 10 days you can also feel free to enter. If you win we’ll simple credit back your purchase and you can keep your prize. All winners will be announced in this post on Sunday.

Update: Winners!

We originally planned to select winners based on their answers, but we received so many good requests that we ended up just choosing by random. The one exception was that we made sure to give something to everyone who recently lost their job (it’s the holiday season, after all).

Here are the winners, we’ll be in contact with you over the next few days to deliver your gifts:

Client Machine Winners
Bill Dussinger
Alan Zoldan
Ritesh Reddy

Unlimited Freelancer Winners
Chris Olguin Wilkinson (Facebook)
Douglass Noble
Theda K. Rogers
Chris Thurman

Quick-Start Guide Winners
Ana M. (design)
Michael Atkins (design)
Yael Grauer (writing)
Abhishek Bhardwaj
Rohi (writing)
Hector Lee (writing)
Michael Yang
Kim E
Pablo Lara H (design)
Steve Yakoban
Sharon Hurley Hall
Lisa Marie Tsering
Stejepan Horvat (design)
Will Bowling
Jonathan Wylie