Coming Soon: A Premium Resource Toolbox for Designers

If you’ve been following us closely on twitter, then you probably already know about MediaLoot. If not, then we’ve got a huge announcement for you:

The people who brought you FreelanceFolder are teaming up to launch a brand new website for designers, called MediaLoot. In a nutshell, some of us have become tired of the existing design marketplaces out there. We don’t like having to pay for dozens of individual resources (since we’re always buying and using them), and we don’t like having to search through so many files to find the really good stuff. With that in mind, we decided to create something that we think is even better.

We’ve put together a new company, collected funding, and are working with a bunch of incredibly talented people — all with the goal of creating the ultimate ‘resource toolbox’ for designers. And we’re getting ready to launch in February.

Want to learn more? Check out and sign up for the newsletter to get all of the details. Oh, and we’ll also be releasing some free icons and other goodies before launch, so definitely sign up if you want to be notified :-)

[Click Here to Visit MediaLoot…]