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The Client Machine

[tweetmeme] Over a year ago we released The Unlimited Freelancer, a book that helped thousands of people transform their freelance business into something bigger and better. In the months after that we released several getting started guides to help brand new freelancers take their first steps into freelancing.
Now, after months of hard work, we’re going to help freelancers tackle the most important challenge yet — getting clients. Sign up to our product list below to get a huge discount before launch, and continue reading for more information.

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What is The Client Machine?

The Client Machine is a unique combination of two things: an incredibly robust WordPress theme designed specifically for freelancers, and a collection of informational videos and workbooks to compliment it. Getting clients on the internet is all about how you present your business, and The Client Machine will make you look great and help you take the important steps for getting new clients.

Here are a few quick peaks at what’s included in the WordPress theme:

  • Two homepage layouts
  • An easy-to-update portfolio
  • Gorgeous proposal templates
  • Invoicing templates (right in WordPress!)
  • Lots more cool stuff designed specifically for freelancers…
  • All made possible by advanced WP 3.0 features

The informational aspects of the product will help you understand and use the WordPress theme as well as offer strategies for other areas of getting clients, like emailing and getting traffic to your website. This is truly the most impressive product we’ve ever released, so keep your eyes out for more information and sign up to the email list to get a discount!


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