Confessions from Inside of a Freelancer’s Own Family

“Honey, I love you but….At times you really @#&% me off.”

At least that’s what one freelancer’s family member recently told them.

Did you ever wonder how your own family members feel about your freelancing? This guest post takes a look at freelancing from the perspective of a freelancer’s own family member.

Freelancing Impacts the Whole Family

For a freelancer a freelance life is a dream come true. Work from home, set your own working hours and be your own boss. As good and easy as that looks, it’s not all that easy.

The freelance life does not just affect the freelancer. It’s a lifestyle–a way of a living that includes each and every member of the home. And it influences other people’s lives.

I mean the lives of the family.

Wife, husband, children, parents, siblings, relatives and friends… A freelancer’s life affects all of them.

Feast and Famine

My own husband is a freelancer and I have seen him grow as one.

A freelancer’s growth can be a slow growth that is dormant in the initial stages and sometimes the process is very exhausting.

Whatever it is, you know that this person (working in some corner of the house) is working, sometimes very hard, to fulfill our needs. The result can be sleepless nights, sunken eyes, a growing belly; losing hair, overdose of caffeine–it’s all a part of it. Well, at least in the initial stages and then after a year or two comes the happy period when the bills are paid, money is adding up in the bank account and cash flow is smooth.

The happy period is great!

Suddenly the freelancer is sleeping as long as they want, watching TV for almost all the day, going out, just chilling, talking for hours, making plans. That’s lovely, absolutely lovely!

But the happy period doesn’t last long. Clients’ emails and calls come up, the freelancer has to keep their profile updated, and they have to reply ASAP. They can’t afford to lose the good clients. Fine. Understood.

Problems Faced by Freelancing Families

The question is, does the freelancer understand the life of the family?

You see, a freelancer can be too involved. At times, they can completely shut themselves off to others.

Let’s take a look at some of the problems freelancing may cause for a family:

  • Lack of consistency–The family wonders why the freelancer isn’t consistent. One week you help with the grocery pick up the kids, and do not complain. The next week every little request becomes a demand.
  • Managing finances–Managing a freelancer’s money as compared to income from a regular job is a bit more complicated in terms of amount, frequency, and reliability. Making a worksheet of the expected income, the amount to be spent and saved, and discussing the finances with your family members will make things far easier.
  • Transparency–Be open about your work. Many freelancers have turned their passion into work or their work into passion. In both cases, they enjoy doing their work. However, a freelancer must be open about his work, he or she must admit that they are working and want respect for that work. One can’t always rely on others to realize and act accordingly; at times you have to be straightforward. Simply say, “Something important has come up. I need some peace and quiet for this work.”
  • Routine–This is often missing. The freelancer may say “honey there’s no routine in a freelancer’s life that’s why it’s called freelance. I am free I can work whenever I want to.” However, most families run on a routine. For spending quality time with your family, some routine is a must.
  • Health is wealth–Your health matters to us. We love you and want you to be healthy happy and smiling. So please if not for yourself, do it for us. Join the gym follow a fitness routine. But please take care of yourself.

What’s the key to all of these problems?

Balance Is Key

It’s all about balancing your home and work. A freelancer and their family have to put in more effort to achieve this balance.

A freelancer must admit that he or she is working from home because he or she enjoys it. After all, freelancing is the best way of working. Home is the most comfortable environment. But, when you are working from home remember you are at HOME.

Your Turn

How have you balanced family life and freelancing?

Share your stories in the comments.