Open Thread: Do You Use Contracts?

freelance-contractsThere’s a well known saying in the freelance and business world. You’ve heard it before, I’ve heard it before, and we’ve all probably ignored it on many occasions. The saying is this: you should always use a contract.

Despite seeming like such simple advice, it is often very difficult to put into practice. Heck, there are even times when it seems like it shouldn’t be put into practice. You shouldn’t have to make your favorite uncle sign a contract, right? Or should you?

If you have decided to use contracts on a regular basis with clients, there are even more obstacles to deal with. Creating a contract for your company, using it with your clients, changing or defending various paragraphs, etc… But despite the effort, the consequences of not using a contract could be far, far worse.

With all of these questions, and with only one person to handle everything, it’s clear that contracts are a difficult subject for freelancers. In this open thread I want to help turn that around, and get some of these things cleared up. If you’re new to freelancing, ask any of your contract related questions in the comments. If you’ve been freelancing for a while, try to answer the following three questions:

  1. Do you use contracts in your business? Why, or why not?
  2. In what situations do you use contracts, and what types do you use?
  3. How did you create or acquire your contracts?

Image by filippo