Five Ways to Generate Referrals or Followers with Twitter

Twitter has been around now for about four years and is almost in the top ten Alexa ratings. Still a relatively new source for social networking, people are still not 100% sure of how to interact with others on Twitter or how to tweet in a way to generate a following or business leads.

In this post, I have compiled a list of five ways for freelancers to use Twitter to gain followers and generate an interest in your freelancing business.

Five Twitter Tips for Freelancers

Here are five Twitter tips to help freelancers get the most from Twitter:

  1. Tweet useful information–Tweeting all day is great. Random tweets are good. But, you also want to offer useful information to your followers, links to useful articles, etc. You want to show them that you are not just another person using Twitter. Most of all, you want to give them a reason to follow you and hear what you have to say. Offer helpful tips, urls and even suggest other people who they might like to follow.
  2. Be interactive!–Interactivity is a great way to generate a bit of buzz when you are using Twitter. Asking questions, answering questions, replying to replies and even using Twitter as a way to post contests for prizes (depending on your business) can be great ways to increase the following on your Twitter account.
  3. Use Hash tags–Use hash tags as a way to start bookmarking or attaching a topic ID to your tweets. This will allow people who might be searching for relative information using the Twitter search function to find you and your tweets. It is a great way to mark your tweets under a popular topic and works somewhat like search engine optimization.
  4. Signatures–Use every means possible to get your Twitter username out in the public. Adding your Twitter username into the signature of your emails, and forum posts is a great way to get links to your profile out into the web. Putting it on business cards (or even flyers and posters if you use those) can get your name out and spark people’s interest in you enough to see what you have to say on Twitter. Even adding a small feed into your website can be a great way to show that you are active.
  5. Pay attention to who you follow & re-tweet–The people you choose to follow can mean a great deal in Twitter. You want to follow other people who are relevant to you and your interests, because you want to be able to view their tweets and have the ability to re-tweet their useful information. Being careful about your followers increases followers for yourself and for the person you are re-tweeting. When your followers see that you are re-tweeting them, it makes them want to follow the person you tweeted, or re-tweet your tweets like you have done for them previously.

These are just a few basic ways to generate a large social network using Twitter. I am sure there are dozens of other useful Twitter practices.

These suggestions can be elaborated on in much larger platforms. These tips can also be used for your website blog, as well as for Facebook to some extent (depending on what you use these tools for).

What Do You Think?

I would love to hear how you use Twitter as well as hear from you as far as your suggestions in how to build a following. What methods do you find work the best?

Image by Coletivo Mambembe