Four Professionals Who Can Help Your Business Succeed

Freelancing is hard work — that much we know. The expectation, though, is that all of this hard work will lead to success.

Unfortunately, success doesn’t always follow hard work.

Sometimes the secret to success is getting help from the right people — the people who already know what you need to know in order to succeed.

As your business grows, you’ll find that you have questions that are hard to answer by yourself. You may look for the information on the internet and elsewhere, but it’s hard to be sure if what you find is accurate or up to date. Plus it’s a lot more time and work that you don’t necessarily need…

It’s time to get some extra help!

Fortunately, there are specialists who can answer your questions. In this post we will point you to the four big types that can help your business.

Four Professionals You May Want To Hire

The following professionals may be able to help your freelance business:

  1. Attorney — An attorney can help your freelance business establish or change your business entity. (For example, if you are currently a sole proprietor and want to incorporate your business, do you know how to go about it? An attorney can explain what type of entity is best for your business and help you make the necessary changes.) An attorney can help you if you are sued. They can also answer intellectual property questions such as those regarding copyright issues and trademark issues.
  2. Tax professional — Having a good tax professional can save your business money when it comes to tax time. Income tax laws for business owners are complex. The tax laws also vary depending on how your business is organized. A tax professional will keep up with any changes to the tax law and let you know how they affect your business. A tax professional can prepare your tax forms. If the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) contacts you, then you may need to get advice from a tax professional.
  3. Accountant — Most freelancers don’t really understand the correct way to set up their books. An accountant can help you keep accurate and up-to-date records. If your business ever decides to incorporate, an accountant can help you prepare yearly financial statements according to industry standard accounting principles. He or she can also help you create and monitor your business budget. If your business has employees, an account can help with the payroll-related paperwork.
  4. Marketing specialist — You may be the best graphic designer, copywriter, or photographer in the business. Your skill does you little good if no one knows about it. While some freelancers are also marketing specialists, many of us excel at other tasks. At some point during your freelance career, you may find it helpful to hire a marketing specialist so that your business can get the exposure that it needs to succeed. He or she can create promotional materials for your business. If your primary client base is online, make sure to hire a marketing specialist who is familiar with methods of online promotion.

Who Helps Your Business Succeed?

Do you already use a professional for one or more business-related tasks? What type of professionals have you hired?

Share your stories in the comments.