Four Tips to Once & for All Detonate Procrastination

I nearly didn’t write this article because I didn’t know if I would ever get around to it.

That, my friend, was a joke!

I know of so many people who battle with procrastination.

But their main problem is this. They never ever get around to dealing with the problem head on, and that makes the problem bigger than it really is.

So, here are some tips to help you once and for all detonate procrastination. Blow it to smithereens. Poof! It’s gone.

Tip 1. Fill Your Mouth With The Words ‘Do It Now!’

Whenever the urge to put things off begins to grab your throat, yell out these three powerful words that will kick-start you into action–‘Do It Now!’

Start your day with these words. Speak them out at the start of each project, and particularly when you’re about to do something outside of your comfort zone, yell, ‘DO IT NOW!’

Never underestimate the power of your voice. Your tongue holds the reinforcement key to your creative thoughts. It’s an established fact that you can either live or die in your own mind if you don’t take control of what comes out of your mouth.

Fill your mouth with positive self-starters like the three words I’ve suggested and see creativity prosper in your life and productivity blossom like never before.

Tip 2. Write Numbers One to Six on a Blank Paper

The reason many of us procrastinate is because we are overwhelmed. We have no plan.

So follow these seven steps towards procrastination detonation.

  1. Take out a blank sheet of paper and write the day on the top of the page. E.g. Monday, Tuesday etc.
  2. Then, on the left side of the page, write the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
  3. Next to these numbers write the six things you need to do today or tomorrow to move you, your job, your family or your business forward. Yes, write a weekend list to make your weekend more productive. I write my list at the end of each business day in preparation for the next.
  4. Prioritize that list from Most Important item to Least Important item.
  5. Do the Most Important item first, and don’t stop until it’s completed. Then cross it off your list.
  6. Then move to number 2, and so on–repeating the process.
  7. At the end of the day, take a fresh page and do the same so that you‘re ready to go the very next morning.

Tip 3. Concentrate on Your Strengths

Make sure that the job you do, or the business you operate, is correctly aligned to your strengths.

If you are doing something that relies upon your weaknesses, the majority of the time, you’re going to be continually ‘putting off’ what needs to be done–creating frustration and the lack of a sense of fulfillment.

As someone once said to me, if you don’t like what you’re doing, then either change what you’re doing or change your attitude.

But while I’m writing about strengths, here is a simple formula to provide added strength to your life. Follow this four-step strength process:

  1. Identify your strengths
  2. Strengthen your strengths
  3. Identify your weaknesses
  4. Delegate your weaknesses

I spend less than 5% of my time dabbling in my weak areas, and then the vast majority of my time expended in the areas of my life that flow naturally with my talents and my gifts, my strengths. Therein lies the joy, and therein lies the productivity.

I love what I do, and do what I love–so procrastination is never a problem.

Tip 4. Take Time Out to Recharge

Even when you do what you love doing, you still can get stale at times.

That’s when you need to draw aside, pull up stakes as it were, and go and get recharged.

This may mean going for a walk, meditating, exercising, watching a movie, reading, attending a seminar, listening to a mentor, or spending time with family and friends.

My car can’t run forever without being refueled, and the human frame and mind can’t keep pushing forward without being recharged from time to time.

You know yourself better than anyone else–so watch for the signs: tiredness, boredom, lack of direction, negativity, depression, etc. Take better care of yourself.

The amazing thing is this–when you do take time out you will often come up with some of your greatest ideas and plans that you otherwise would have missed.

Personally, these times have often been the source of my greatest discoveries such as: titles for books, business ideas, affiliate opportunities, product creations, blog inspiration, plus a whole lot more.

Motivational Memo: To procrastinate is to deny you from experiencing life’s best NOW.

Your Turn

So there you have it. Four powerful ways to detonate procrastination and annihilate its appearance in your life once and for all.

Have you found any other techniques to help you detonate procrastination?

Image by Randy Son Of Robert