Freelance 101: Getting Started (VIDEO)

[tweetmeme] Introducing the first ever FreelanceFolder video! It’s taken us a lot of planning and setup (we’re kind of slow…), but FreelanceFolder finally has its very own Youtube Channel and will be releasing new videos several times a month.
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In this first video we’ll be discussing some of the basics of freelancing and a few tips for getting started. We cover subjects like what planning is required, how to establish your business legally, and where to go after you’re established. Each of these topics is covered from an overview perspective, so this video is great for someone just looking into freelancing.

We also get into a large discussion about incorporation, why you need to incorporate, and what type of legal entity you should choose. If this is a question you’ve been asking yourself, make sure to watch part two for some of the answers.

Part Two

This second part of the video discusses some of the details of establishing your business, like incorporation:

Introduction by Hedley Swann

For those of you who watch far enough into the first video, you’ll notice we have a pretty cool custom intro. I want to thank Hedley Swann for this, as we worked heavily with him to create what you see. Check it out if you’re interested :-)

What do you think?

What did you think of our first video? We’re definitely still a bit rough around the edges, but don’t worry we’ll keep improving. Do you have any suggestions? Can you think of some topics we should cover in future freelance videos? (Don’t worry, we’ve got more advanced content coming too)

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